Woven Saddle Blanket Purse Bags

 Classic Western South-Western Style in Women's and Ladies Purses and Bags

I would love to make these kinds of bags….but sometimes it's just faster for me to find the very kind of classic western-south-western style women's purses and bags  I like especially if I don't have the time to make one for myself. I call these kind of bags, or purses, sling bags or more properly 'dump' bags. That's because I dump everything in them! Pockets are nice, pouches great, but for some reason when it comes to a bag I'm not the most organized person in the world. Nor am I fussy. I just get in a hurry, 'dump' what I need into the bag, and then take off for the day. If I'm not careful, my bag becomes more like a suitcase!

This is a unique kind of style, certainly, and one that is attached particularly to the American southwest culture. The vibrant and bold colors, geometric patterns are often loud and colorful, which makes them startlingly unique to this region. And, of course, they go with denim! While they may not be for everyone, there is no denying the that are gorgeous and eye-catching. They make you look classy and casual at the same time. 

Because I personally dislike wandering around a website looking for something particular, I picked several of the most colorful woven saddle blanket purse bags that I thought were the prettiest and the most serviceable. And they are all in one place for you to view. Many of these choice will keep the same pattern but will offer a different color scheme for you to choose from.

Saddle Blanket Purse with Red, black and gray tones,









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Leather enhancements on woven wool with
earth toned and terracotta geometric patterns

Saddle Bag Purse with vertical diamonds blue, rust andblack
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Vertical diamond geometric patterns in rust 
red and turquoise blues offset by cream
Saddle agourse with leather handlesCheck Amazon for Price
Predominately Terra Cotta Red colors w/
contrasting black and gray. Horizontal diamond
Saddle Blanket Bag in bright blues and red stripesClheck Amazon for  Price
Truly a bold, bright blue! Contrasts wonderfully
well with the red, gold and black stripes
Saddle Blanket Purse pouch bag in earth colors, Woven Saddle Blanket Purse BagsCheck Amazon for Price
Very muted earthtones, understated geometric
design in grays, tans and black
Saddle Blanket Diamond Shapes on PurseCheck Amazon for Price
Vertical Diamond pattern in radiating colors
staggered in layers ending in black. Striking
Saddle Blanket Purse over the shoulder strap Check Amazon for Price
Chocolate brown bands contrast with sky blue 
and horizontal diamond pattern
Saddle Blanket Purse with vertical woven diamondsCheck Amazon for Price
Series of small, vertical diamonds in earth colors
on a blue bkgrd
Saddle Blanket Purse Bag Diamond DesignCheck Amazon for Price
Rust red, black and white staggered diamond
at the bottom of the purse with black accents
Shoulder Bag Saddle Blanket White Diamond PurseCheck Amazon for Price
Three large 'white' diamonds woven on a contrasting 
bkgrnd w/genuine leather shoulder straps

Arrow Design Saddle blanket purseCheck Amazon for Price
Simple arrow design is the center focal point
with contrasting upper ahd lower bands of color

overnight saddle blanket bag
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Not actually a purse, but rather an overnight
bag with beautiful diamond pattern. Leather straps