Why Our Summer Breeze Sun Bonnets are Better for Summer Wear


Summer Breeze Ladies Sun Bonnets,  Bandana print,

Summer Wear Sun Bonnets

Why are these Summer Breeze Ladies Sun Bonnets better for summer than sun screen? Well, let me tell you a little story…… 🙂

I have made so many of them over the years, but I  never really considered sewing a bonnet that was light and breezy and cool for summer. Why? Nope…I can't come up with anything….just never did.

This year, even though we had a long, cold and dry winter and a wet and cold spring, I noticed as soon as it got hot (which was the day after the snow melted, I kid you not) I was miserable. I started sunburning again. However, because I am fair skinned, this happens a lot. A lifetime of being sunburned in the hay fields  on the ranch did NOT immunize me to sun burns later in life. All I have to show for them are scars from skin cancer removal and crepey skin. GAG!

Wyoming is noted for being windy and dry. Neither of these things are kind to a woman's skin. I should know. Obviously, they are not kind to a man's skin either, but I have noticed that #1. they often hate wearing anything other than a baseball cap (and we can all agree a sunbonnet would make a fella look homely and silly), #2. most men think moisturizer is something you do for a dry turkey and #3. they actually think they look cool and handsome all leathery and tough. And darn if they aren't usually right!

Sun bonnets were not only common at the beginning of the 20th century and before, but at one time they were a fad Fads come and go and they say, if you wait long enough, a fad will come back. I don't know about that in the case of sunbonnets, but I like them. I like making them. And I like it when they aren't just useful, but pretty. Certainly, my decision to make these Summer Breeze Ladies Sun Bonnets was a good one I think, Even if I do say so myself.

Preventing Cancer in the Simplest, Healthiest, Safest and most Convenient Way Possible

Of course several years ago I mentioned on my website that there were issues with the chemicals in sunscreen. Sunscreen has been pushed and pushed at the public, so much so, that we think this is the only choice we have. However, if you are running around in a bikini all day, and absolutely everywhere you go (now, who does THAT?    No….I just don't want to know….) quite clearly a bonnet won't help much. Unless you want to end up a gramma with a crepey skin-toned body and a fantastically youthful face, then get a bonnet  🙂 🙂 

Now lately, I'm finding articles everywhere stating that th chemicals in sunscreen aren't good for you. Duh….When were chemicals of any kind good?  I've been saying this for years. You see, when people think of organs, they think of heart, brain, liver, lungs. But the largest organ you were gifted with is your skin. And few of us take care of it like we should. Myself included. 

True,  bonnets will only help so much, but the biggest thing it protects is a woman's face. Our face is US. It's who we are and how we present ourselves to the world.  Several years ago my mom had cancer on her face. She dismissed it as a small sore that was caused by her glasses rubbing on her face. When she finally went in to have it looked at, they told her they were scheduling her immediately for surgery. Apparently, had they waited any longer, the cancer tentacles would have reached further into her eyes, nerves etc and would have been almost completely inoperable. What followed wasn't pretty.

After removal, she had a large hole in her face that was filled by removing flesh from her forehead. This was stitched to her nose for several weeks while they waited to see if the graft took. During this time, the graft was horribly swollen and truly hideous. It broke my heart to see her each day and to see how this strong woman was afraid to go out in public until her face healed. Today, there is a pink patch on her nose, easily covered by makeup, that is a slightly different skin tone, but few people notice. It was the process that was so grueling and emotionally painful.

While we offer several bonnets, these Summer Breeze Ladies Sun Bonnets, really ARE quite fun . Usually the ties that allow the sun bonnet to be adjusted are sewn inside, on these bonnets I placed them outside. The ties were cut of the same cloth as the bonnet brim top so that there was a color match. The bonnets are actually pretty roomy, but we have had people who required larger bonnets and/or longer brims  for either health reasons or hair reasons. We are absolutely happy to accommodate anyone with special requirements!

Remember…Love the sun, Love your summer…..and Love the skin you're in!


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