Western Wedding Cake Topper

Rustic Country Style Western Themed Wedding Cake Topper

Western Wedding TopperIn our home, we still have mementos of our wedding day that carries happy memories of our special day. Me being from Wyoming and my husband from South Dakota, a western themed wedding was a given. Even today, that cake topper is a symbol to my husband and I of a bright April morning we have never forgotten.  It brings back to mind the precious, and wonderfully scary moment, when we took the plunge and  said 'I do."

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History of Wedding Cake Toppers

I was always curious how we got the tradition of the cake topper. Did you know  that the origin of this decoration actually has its roots in ancient  Roman history?  The 'topper' back then was actually a wheat or barley cake that was broken over the bride's head (hmmm….maybe that's why they wear veils?) as a symbol of martial good luck and the bride's fertility. You were dying to know that, weren't you? Moving on…..:…  🙂

Your special day should be just as fantastic. It should have as much forethought and planning into tiny details
like  the right colored napkin rings, breaking out the good wine, who to get for a ring bearer…… or the perfect cake topper. Originally, I thought I would go for anything that at least had a theme matching what we both had in mind and could be plopped on the cake in a hurry. After all, this was the third time we were getting married! (long story, not everyone could make the first wedding, so we got 'married' two more times. This way, those who couldn't make it were able to come to the second and third wedding.. I know, right?) But the third time around,  I quickly realized that what I actually wanted was something nice. I figured, "Let's do this right." I wanted this to be something that would make our day memorable.. And  I knew not just any junky trinket would do.  I was willing to put some effort into it. As they say, the third time is a charm.

Did you know there is plenty of cheesy cake decorations out there? I sure didn't until I started looking for something 'nice'. What was nice in my eyes was either too expensive, wasn't available, or worse, …existed only in my imagination. Eventually, I found what I was looking for and that was saying something. That was before the internet was what we have today. Ok…let's just say lots of sweat, tears and frustration and a strong dash of stubbornness went into my search, but I got my heart's desire.

The Perfect Western Wedding Cake Topper

There are many kinds of these cake decorations out there, but as I looked over those made with plastic, paper, or other flimsy materials, I was consistently disappointed. No one should have to work as hard as I did to get their perfect decorations!  As I started to think about what would look great on a cake for a western wedding, I jotted down ideas of symbols when I think western. Cowboy hats, boots, barbed wire, horses, straw bales, branding irons, rope…..For those of you who don't live in a western state, yup, these are real symbols of real things we live with and work with everyday. So it makes sense that a young cowboy or ranch gal would want to have a wedding themed around the things that are the most familiar to them. And probably to you, too, if you are looking at this page.

You can have too much of a good thing, though and I didn't think all of these symbols on one decoration would be anything more than overkill and possibly even a bit tacky. Instead, I chose a couple of things, like the hat and boots or horses, to be the focus of the perfect topper. Yee ha! I did it 🙂

Western Wedding Topper

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This was adorable. Period. A wood burner was used to burn the initials of the wedding couple.  This makes it a personalized western wedding cake topper in an understated and casual way. No barbed wire here, but instead  a nicely braided bow with white roses combining the rustic look with a bit of feminine chic.  Pretty cool, right? So our cowboy groom won't feel left out around swimming in too much fluff, right  below it and balanced nicely on the mini straw bale is a manly look using a black cowboy hat. And just as a wedding unites our cowboy with his ranch sweetheart, there are two combined hearts symbolizing  a united heart.

This cake topper is about 4 .5 inches high and 3.25 inches wide. Manufacturer gives some leeway on personalization and it appears to be reasonably priced for it's size. Lightweight so it will easily sit on top without compressing or smashing your cake.

Now, congrats and go get 'er done!

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