Western Style Belt Buckles

Real Cowboys wear cool western belt buckles! But these beautiful western style buckles really aren’t just for cowboys, but they sure can Western Style Carved Belt Bucklesbe for the man in your life.


My husband wears out his leather belts and buckles fairly often. You would be surprised at the wear they can take and how long they can last, but eventually, they have to be replaced. I have worn an M. Silversmith brand as has my husband. They not only craft sturdy buckles, but they are beautifully carved. While a sturdy buckle is a good thing, there is no reason why your special someone can’t wear something attractive on his belt as well.


I looked over several choices and my! was it hard to choose! I picked what I considered to be the top five western style pieces because they fit my taste and our lifestyle out here. They also look good for dress up. Out here, dressing up for a wedding or fancy function is a good pair of jeans, white shirt, jacket, black hat, bolo tie….and a silver buckle.


Whether you are from the west, living in the west or wished you lived in the west, I’m pretty sure you will find each one of these worth the time to take a peek !


Letter Belt Buckles, gold tone on silver.

Western Style Carved Letter Buckle with Silver and Gold Tones

Letter Belt Buckles, get these buckles with your choice of letter

Western Style Carved Letter Betl Buckle with Gold Tones on Pewter

Copper tones Carved Belt Buckle, rope style trim
Western Style Belt Buckle with Dark Copper Tones


Lovely Carved Praying Cowboy Belt Buckle
Western Style Belt Buckle in Silver/Pewter Tones with Praying Cowyboy


Western Style Carved Belt Buckle with a long horn and barbed wire trim
Westner Style Carved Belt Buckle in Silver and Black with Longhorn Steer

Western Style Betl Buckle with Carved Pack Horse Design


Western Style Belt Buckle with Gold and Silver Tones featuring Pack Horse Team




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