Valentine’s Day Scalloped Edge Cookie Cutter

Valentines Heart Shaped Scalloped Cookie Cutter

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If you think it’s easy to find an unusual or exotic heart shaped cookie cutter for valentines, then you would be mistaken. What I found instead were plenty of cutters that were pretty ‘vanilla’. Nothing wrong with that, but something a bit different was what I had in mind. Something like the one with scallops. Or maybe with heart shapes cut out of the middle.

Obviously, what I pictured might be too hard for cutter makers to create, but it was worth a try I thought. You never know…they make all sorts of things these days.

While I am sure they are out there, and that it will require a major search on my part in other websites, this little cutter will do for now.

Made of a food safe plastic, this pretty heart has scallops around the outer edge with an interior line that presses into the cookie dough making an ‘internal heart’ impression.

The heart is about 3.5 inches wide and has a depth of 1/2 an inch. This can make a nice, thick shortbread cookie for instance.

Sometimes I like the things I get to do double duty. As I mentioned in my waffle maker post, people have used waffle bakers to make hash browns, and even cookies with them. No reason that I could see why I couldn’t cut little lunch sandwiches with this cutter. Admittedly small, but they’d be cute!

I’ve also used cutters on my brownies before, too, after they have cooled a bit. Another thing this might work well on is cutting fudge in a nice heart shape before it sets.

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