USB Rechargeable Pocket Heater Hand Warmer Gift

Best usb re-chargeable pocket hand warmer makes the perfect gift!

Years ago at the first trade show I had ever attended, I was fascinated by the pocket warmers they had for sale back then. They had a small metal disc in the center that heated the interior and when placing the entire pack  in hot water, it reheated the gel inside. However, this sadly was not as convenient like the usb rechargeable ones they currently offer today.

For those of us who live in colder northern climes, like my state of Wyoming, these little hand  items are heaven sent, I swear, and are a must for those of us with cold digits that even the best pair of gloves will not fix

I love the idea of charging these small handy warmers by using a simple charging station, or even hooking up to your computer. As small as they are, they charge fairly quickly.

My only concern is that fact that it IS charged by electricity,  and if there are any long term power outages, the charge in your warmer will only last as long as the battery lasts. However, this goes for any battery operated items of which many are in use constantly today, the most immediate items being a computer and a cell phone. A great way to get continuous use, though, is to go for a simple solar charging station (which I havent looked for yet), if a hand warmer comes with one, and to keep several of these nifty gadgets on hand so that when one has used up its power, you have another ready to take its place. Keep in mind that solar power stations take a bit longer to charge and it's helpful to have a way to back up and store the energy your station has acquired

How to Choose the Best Pocket Hand Warmer for Personal Use or a Gift

Now, on to the fun stuff! Which one to choose, which one? Here is what I looked for in pocket warmers and how I went about choosing the ones I liked best. 

1.) Pocket warmers must be able to fit into the palm of a hand and slim enough to fit into a mitten. Gloves won't work
Mittens are the obvious choice for a warmer since they won't slide into fingered glove. And while they should be slim enough to fit into mitten, and mittens will still allow room for a larger heater if you choose one. Logically I think that if you choose a really small one, you sacrifice the amount of powered-up charge they can carry. Using it in a mitten or a pocket eliminates the need for the smallest one possible.

2. They must be easy and convenient to charge, and hook up to a standard power source for charging
Simple is good in my world. The less I have to fuss or the least amount of time I have to spend getting something done or figuring something out, the more time I have for something else. A usb charge means that I can use a standard cord, (should I lose the original…and let's say I do that often!) to charge it with my laptop. Or I can hook it up to a wall socket usb charger. A docking station is inconvenient and takes up more space. It also gives me one more thing to keep track of and/or lose.

3. They must have enough power to at least last a couple of hours or better.
Probably nothing could be worse than finally getting your fingers and hands warm and then the heat goes off. Not everyone has the same heat needs so some, like me (I'm always cold),  will need more and others will be fine doing with less. For those who require more heat, having your hand heater wimp out after an hour with either no place to charge it up, or the time, is annoying at best. So I looked for ones that had longer lived power packs, of which many seemed to be fairly long. 

4. If possible, they should have more than one heat setting
As mentioned above, some will have greater needs for heat and others less. Or, if you are really cold, getting warm fast is far more desirable than waiting to do so on a lower setting. When warm enough, you can easily turn it down, or turn it off saving power for later. I personally prefer being given a choice. This is why I looked at selecting the right warmer a lot like choosing  the right kind of warming pad I would get for my back.

5. Which power rating to choose
You might be wondering what numbers ike 10000mAh stand for. The rating of a power pack means that the power is measured in mill amp hours which is where the mAh comes from. It tells the buyer how much your items charge is actualy supposed to hold. Clearly, a 20,000mAh power bank will hold more of a charge than a 5,000 mAH or a 10,000mAH will. It will last longer and hold more juice.

The following are my choices for the best hand warmers…and the greatest gifts during the cold, snowy winter seasons.


bigblue handwarmer pocket heater-USB rechargeable pocket hand warmers

This warmer is $29.99 with free shipping and comes in 3 color choices. With  a higher heating and battery capacity at 10000mAh, it will carry a charge longer than some other hand warmers. It has  only two heat settings, a high and low with ranges that extend from 107℉-118℉  and 120℉-131℉ which can feel either hotter or colder depending on outdoor temps. Much like how, when it's really cold outside, we boost our home furnace thermostats because our indoor comfort is influenced by outdoor weather. Long lasting rechargable lithium battery. Extra Warranty for $3.99 but I would go with the 30 day warranty personally, as often most problems will occur within that time. It's just another option, and a good one if you want to consider additional coverage. Also while I don't consider this is as important, it does have a built in flashlight that might come in handy.

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pink bunny rabbit ear hand warmer

Going out on a limb here, but I think that someone wanted to be different and chose a design like this. It is cute! But the most important is if it works and is of good quality. I put it on my list if you like giving something unusual. This is it. It's heating temps are 113-122℉/45-50℃ and 131-140℉/55-60℃, which is higher than the the first one, but it only has 6.000mAh. The main disadvantage that I see is its size. I was looking for something that I can drop into my coat pocket or slip into my mittens and this is too large for that. But if that is not a concern, and you are going for 'cuteness, then this one will be perfectly good for that purpose….and it still offers a pretty good heater! $24.99 and free shipping as well. Two heat settings and about 4-5 hours to a full charge. Heat lasts 3 to 7 hours depending on usage.

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