Unusual Boho Thread Crochet Wrap In Lavender

Unique lightweight summer wraps in today's boho's unusual style are fun and actually fairly quick to crochet.  When I first leaned, there were several weights to choose from and today, the most commonly used and easily available, is the size 10. All of these designs look like they are made with a size 10 cotton. 

There are loads of new colors to work with, too. The beautiful lavender on the cover of this book is gorgeous! Great for a light summer-weight evening wrap, or one to wear to church or a picnic. I sure wish colors like Thread Crochet patterns, Unusual Boho Crochet Thread Shawl Wrap in Lavender for Ladiesthese were available back then when I was making crocheted things for Christmas gifts…..

I would consider this, well, not really a cardigan because it's so open and light, but maybe a long shrug?

It's interesting that patterns like these are now called crochet thread art. Whatever its new name, it's an older art. And what goes around, comes around they say. Fine art thread crochet is back in.

The designs in the book are created speciially for fine threads or yarns and many of them give the finished garment a more tailored look. Some of the techniques are more innovative than traditional, yet are fairly easy to accomplish with the aid of charts and diagrams.

The patterns are a bit 'edgier' than standard traditional ones, but if you like trying something new, wearing something no one else has, giving a gift that is out of the norm, this pattern book just might be what you are looking for.

I didn't end up getting the book, at least for the moment, because there were actually only two patterns I liked and would actually take the time to crochet. Although I have been known to buy an entire cookbook to get my hands on just one recipe (gasp! yes, I have 🙂 ……), I considered all the patterns I currently have. If was to actually get each one finished, I would live to approximately 237 years old. So, though I was tempted, this book is currently on hold for me until I crochet and knit up much of the thread I currently have. But the patterns were just too cool not to tell you about.

A lot of treble, and even longer treble crochet, goes into making this white summer open weave lacey shawl that reminds me of spider webs. Have you ever looked up close at a spider web? The designs have often wowed me into breahtless silence as I looked at how detailed and inter-connected each strand was. While I'm not a fan of spiders and never have been, I can't help but be amazed at such detailed work from such tiny creatures. 

This open lace shawl is not near so detailed, or difficult to complete, but I personally think is stunning. I particularly love the faux bustle look at the bottom back. Something like this wouldn't take much time, or thread, to finish, either.

What if you don't want white? What about a black, adding beads, and using it for Halloween? What about a nice blue, pink, white and green variegated thread for a funky summer look? Maybe a hot red for Valentine's?Fine Summer lightweight Elegant Lacy Shawl-Unusual Boho Thread Crochet Wrap In Lavender


The combinations are endless, ladies. Get your thread, your crochet hook, and then ready-set-go. I would love to see your completed crocheted projects. Feel free to post them here or drop a comment. 

Happy Crocheting!




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