Sunshine Country Embroidery

Sunshine Country Embroidery  of Torrington, Wyoming still continues in Torrington, Wyoming, after the previous owners sold their business to us in 2017. After a couple of rough starts in the last two years, we decided to start new and begin again from the ground up.

Cowgirls cap hats in pinkWe have been asked what kinds of embroidery images do we have….. Well, we have all of the previous company logos, personal digital files from customers that the former owners had on file and all records. But we also thought that we would move in an additional and new direction as well, one that is exciting for us.

Because we live in a heavily agricultural state with an emphasis on western living, we also work on items specifically geared to the ranch worker, the farmer, the rodeo rider and barrell racer and general western motif style decoration. But don't be mislead by that! We carry many standard styles of digital designs specific to traditional home decoration, clothing embellishment and corporate wear. Any new designs we get that are sewn on a garment or a home item will be posted to our Facebook. 

Beginning this year, Sunshine Country Embroidery  has begun a program for repeat customers that order for personal use in which a 7% discount is applied after each order. (Business accounts are not included as business orders are already tax free) Each new order thereafter will have the discount applied from a previous purchase.

Whie we had seriously considered opening a regular store with store hours, we decided against this because it included additional Embroidered Monarch-Sunshine Country Embroiderytaxation from the city and state, not to mention that utilities, insurance and other business expenses are higher. The idea was, and remains, to make embroidery a bit more affordable. And everyone can use a $$ break, right? We agrree! So, even though we have a commercial embroidery business and a commercial machine, we decided to work out of our home. Until we come up with a better plan, this doesn't currently allow for the normal 9 to 5 hours. To offset that inconvenience, we are offering to pick up and deliver finished embroidery work within the town of Torrington itself. For all other orders outside Torrington, give us a text and we will try to work something out.

When we first started out on this journey, we assumed an embroidery machine can sew on anything. Not quite…but darned close. And if something can't be sewn on. or shouldn't be sewn on, ….well lets just say there's an applique for it. (No, we coudln't resist the mini pun, so we didn't !) Dog leashes, dog bandanas, shirts, jackets, caps, tea towels, baby bibs, doll dresses, dresser scarves, socks, blankets….the list goes on. And it's fun and amazing to see what can be done with digital embroidery, These machines have opened up an entirely new world of possibilties and fun.

Also starting 2019, Sunshine Country Embroidery will be having yearly sales and drawings. They will be posted to our Facebook page, or listed on the top of our home page at   Signing up is of no cost to you, completely painless (so we've been told) and may save you money on a future embroidery purchase. All that in addition to a 7% customer discount, and a lower embroidery costs due to us cutting out additional expenses, A win, win 🙂

Please let us know how we can be of service to you….you can reach us on Facebook, by email ( or texting our cell at 307-575-3320. NOTE Due to so many spam calls, we are only able to recognize a legitimate number after a text or voicemail has been left.