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Sunbonnets as Head Protection or Decoration? About Our Sun Bonnets for Ladies, Children and Babies made in Bright Colors

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summer breeze light weight cotton ladies summer sun bonnetGood things come in small packages,,,like our sun bonnets for ladies and children in  bright colors! These are ‘hats’ that can can take a lot of wear, are easily washed and cleaned and will fit anywhere in a suitcase or back pocket.

Hats have a long history, too. And all through history, along with clothing and hairstyles, hats have changed in shape, size, decoration and price. It’s with great fascination that I look in the past at hat extremes from some of the most beautiful and spectacular head gear to the incredibly hideous. Tunnel hats for women? Really? Well….yes at one time. To keep men from gazing at a beautiful wife or fiancee, headgear was chosen or created to hide a woman’s charms. At times, it was even used to hide a physical deformity and protect the privacy of the wearer. Actually not a bad idea…….

When fashion entered into the formula, outlandish oddities were perpetrated on both men and women alike. Though strange to us today, some of those very hats were worn to show great status and chosen with great care to impress. While we might look at the pages of history today with a skeptical eye, it is without doubt that if the roles were reversed, they may feel about our chosen style today in a like manner.

For instance, who wants to wear a softball cap backwards? I want it to shade my eyes! Yet that is one of our styles today. Personally, I have very seldom worn a hat when younger, often preferring to brave the wild, windy outdoor winters without a nice cap to warm my head. Age has changed that, as they say, and now I wear one to keep me warm in the winter and sometimes  a bonnet in the summer to keep me from recurring skin cancer.

However, while Rawhide Gifts focuses on the traditional, old fashioned but now more-than-ever- important sunbonnet, we do so with the idea in mind that they should be serviceable. They should be fun to wear. They should look pretty and smart!

Take a look at some of our bonnets in the links below or choose from the drop down menu on the Sun Bonnet link above on the menu bar. And as always, thank you for thinking of Rawhide Gifts and Gallery for your sunbonnet needs.


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