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They say it's a brave new world but we say it's a really busy one. And while many people are still doing newseltters, many of our subscribers are letting us know they don't have the time to read them. We don't either. And with the demands on most people's time, we also don' t have the time to write them and you don't have the time to spend reading them. Especially if they are long!

So, we are moving to a test-list service instead. 
Easy? Yup. Convenient? Absolutely!

You''ll get the occasional text letting you know when we've updated a post to reflect new info, when we have  new product/products for sale, when we are discontinuing an item, when we are offering discounts, when best shipping times begin and end for the holidays and sometimes, the rare contest.

Just with a newsletter, we do not share, trade or offer your phone numbers for sale. We know about those pesky sales calls and NO ONE hates them more than we do! (which is why we prefer text. Robo calls are more frequent to our number than irritating robot txts by far)

To opt in, mssg Subscribe to RGG Alerts at 307 575 3320
Opt out? Txt the same number and mssg STOP RGG ALERTS.

Thank you for thinking of Rawhide Gifts and Gallery 🙂

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