Rawhide Studios/Gifts and Gallery makes shopping online for authentic Western jewelry, bonnets and gifts convenient and secure. Unlike your average gift shop that specializes in imported replicas, we curate a collection of hand-crafted, American-made Western nostalgia. Almost all of our entire catalog is rooted in real American folklore, and each product has a genuine story to tell. History enthusiasts and American Western re-enactors already know about Rawhide Studios, but our one-of-a-kind products make great gifts for anybody—especially family members who want to learn more about the American West.

Rawhide Studios/Gifts and Gallery offers a variety of Western accessories including belts, boot pulls and Western jewelry, such as carved bird feather earrings made from bone. Check our Western collectibles like clocks, historical Vintage dress for 18" American Dolls and Delft Blue Ceramics, or find something unique like a Pot Belly Bear or.Corn Husk Doll Kit.. Rawhide Gifts period bonnets for women and girls are a little slice of Americana, and our bootjacks built from materials like native pinewood celebrate America’s remarkable natural resources. Rawhide Studios offers specialty services such as personalized monogramming and custom picture framing and matting to make your gift extra-special.

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American Doll- 18"-Historical Dress

~~~~~~~~~~APPLIQUE PATCHES~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Zuni Bear Denim Jacket – Shirt Embroidered Applique Patches


Belt Buckle Blanks for Silver Dollars and Morgan Silver Dollars
Belt Buckle Blanks for Engraving, Painting

BootJacks- Boot Pulls

Delft Blue Ceramics

Denim Purses, (Totes, Handbags, Hobo or Sling Bags, Clutch Purses) Ladies/Women's
Silver Hawk Carved Feather Earrings
Montana Silversmith Ladies Bracelets

Leather Fringe Style Jackets



Denim Purses, (Totes, Handbags, Hobo or Sling Bags, Clutch Purses) Ladies/Women's

~~~~~~~~~~SUNBONNETS, SUN BONNETS (Some Period Correct)~~~~~~~~~~
Women's-Ladies Adult Sunbonnets
Women's-Ladies (Period Correct Material) Sunbonnets
Women's Long Necked, Longer Brimmed Period Correct Bonnets
Children's Sunbonnets
Baby Sunbonnets
Small Decorative Baby Bonnets (lay flat to iron) 
Summer Breeze Ladies Sun Bonnets

Cabin Lodge Style Quilts and Duvets