Steam Punk Orange Bobble Fingerless Gloves

I've always liked the strong contrast between the colors of orange and black just  like in these Steam Punk-Halloween fingerless gloves. But honestly, I'm not sure that I would consider them so much steam punk but rather more for Halloween. Either way, the colors are bold, that's for sure. They are fun and actually quite warm to wear.

Because I worked them in stripes, there were several ends that I had to work in after I was finished and before I started sewing. I was ok with that simply because I had so much fun making these and working ends in has never bothered me.

I used a simple crocheted tie that I wove into the chain 1 double crochet spaces at the bottom because I didn't have any ribbon on hand. After I got some, I took a pic of the ribboned gloves. I liked the look of the ribbon better, but the crocheted ties were faster and in a pinch worked as well. Plus, I don't live close to any fabric stores so I make do until I can take a trip to a Joann's 85 miles a way. Yes, I know…It's hard to be so far away from fabric and yarn.

I used a 4 ply yarn, Red Heart, for both the orange and the black. I keep both yarns on hand for soooooo many other projects I've got going on (including  a Naive American design sweater I am making a pattern for) that are on my current to-do list.

I actually knit the ribbing for the gloves because I thought it would look nicer and create a different texture/look. The instructions are for knitting the ribbing. However,  after I was done, I realized for these gloves it would make little to no difference. If I were to do them over again, I would simply crochet the wrist band instead of knit. 

If you are inclined to crochet the band, just make it so that you will be able to sc 28 stitches evenly spaced across the top.



NOTE: When I make or write a pattern, I can 'see' it in my head but don't always convey or write it in a way that makes sense to someone else. Since I didn't have anyone at the time to test for me, I will let you be my testers 🙂 If you find something that is missing, or mislabeled etc, please let me know so that I may fix the pattern. 


Cast on 28 stitches (starting with orange) with a size 8 needle and knit 8 ribbing rows, alternating between knitting one and purling one. Cast off and attach black.  Slip a size H hook into the remaining loop. Single crochet across the top, always checking to see that you continue to have 28 stitches. Single crochet 1 row in black.

Chain 3, turn. (Chain three makes your first DC and chain 1 sp.) Skip one sc and dc in the next to the end. You will have 14 chain one spaces in black. 

Chain 1 and turn. Single crochet across the top making sure you have 28 sc at the end. You will be making a sc in each ch1 sp, and a sc in the top of each dc. (this will give you one sc row in black, one ch 1 sp row in black and another sc row in black.) Break off..

Begin Bobble Stitch Row
.Sc in the first 3 stitches. In the 4th sc, make your bobble stitch as follows.

Chain 2 (first dc of the bobble) then  YO, then putting your hook through the same sc yo, pull the yarn through the st. Pull the yo through the first loop in your hook, then pull the hook through the yo over and stitch. This is the first of the dc. Do this once more and then pull your yo through all the loops in your hook. YO and sc in the BACK of the bobble, then  sc in the next 3 stitches and make another bobble stitch. (backside)

In the image below, the red pointer shows the first dc, the black is the second and the green is the third. The DC's are not complete until you yo once more and pull through all three loops making a bobble stitch.

bobble stitch example


SC in the next 3 sc, then make another bobble. Repeat until you have 6 bobbles ending with 4 sc. Note; if you are off by a sc or so on the end or at the starting row, (it's easy to miscount making the bobbles) it doesn't matter as long as you work one in on the end always making sure that you have 28 stitches. As the ends will be worked into a seam, much of this will not be seen and it's more important to keep the amount of stitches the same so that the width of the glove remains the same. 

bobble back


* You should have 6 bobbles, 3 sc in between each and end with 3 sc. Break off. (one row of orange.)

* Tie on black and sc in all 28 stitches, chaining 1 and turning.  SC to end of 2nd row with black, ch 1 and turn, SC to end of 3rd row. Break off black. (three rows of black.)

*Attach orange yarn and make your second  bobble row Break off and attach black yarn.

*Chain one and turn, SC in all 28 stitches. Ch 1 Turn and crochet a second row in all 28 stitches with black yarn. Chain 1 and crochet in all 28 stitches with black yarn for your 3rd row. Break off.

*Attach orange yarn and make a third bobble row, ending with 3 sc. Break off.

Attach black yarn and sc in all 28 stitches, making two rows of black. Then chain one, turn, Sc in the first stitch, sc in the sc stitch and then Chain 2. Slip stitch in the second chain from hook making a picot. Sc in the next stitch. Make a picot in the next sc and repeat to the end. This is your finishing row with picot's at the top. Break off.

Weave all ends in.

Starting at the top of the glove, Sew approximately 1 3/4" then leave an opening for the thumb. Thumb opening is about an 1 1/2". Sew the remainder of the glove below thumb opening.

Making the Tie. Chain 91 in orange and break off. Weave ends in, or add extra yarn at the end to make a fringe. ( I found it easier to just weave them in.) Make two and weave them in the chain 1 spaces of the black row just above the wrist cuff.


my mom wearing the halloween steam punk fingerless gloves







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