Best Way to Combat and Protect Against Skin Cancer….Hats and Organic Sunscreen!
Here are the States with the Highest Skin Cancer Rates….you might just be surprised at which ones they are

When I was growing up, I think there were sunscreens available but we never used them. I don't think they had a very high spf either, if I remember correctly so I don't know how much good they would have done, but mainly we didn't use them because we never really thought about it. We took sunburn and mosquito bites as par for the course in growing up and being outdoors all summer. Every body did.

Things have changed radically since my childhood. Skin cancer is a BIG issue these days! It is a deadly cancer and it's a painful one (but then aren't they all?). My folks moved from Wyoming to Florida in the mid 80's and lived there for almost 20 years before they moved back to our home state. My dad passed away from cancer in 2011 and a mere year later, my mom had to have major reconstructive surgery to repair the damage done with her own skin cancer removal. Florida is the land of sunshine and with it comes a lot of sun-on-skin-time. I personally thought that since my mom was a brunette and because dad always got this uber-gorgeous tan in the summer that they were somewhat more protected from sun damage and skin cancer than extremely fair complected people like me. (what can I say….I take after the Scandinavian and light complected people in my family.) This isn't really the case. The full story is that lighter people like me can receive more damage in a shorter time, but anyone can get skin cancer.

It's insidious. It can be almost invisible until it's too late. And it can mask itself as something else that you disregard until it's almost too late. In my mother's case, she thought that the pads on her eye glasses were rubbing a sore on the bridge of her nose. Thank God she went in and asked them about it. There followed two surgeries to remove it and they told her that her timing was perfect. It was already spreading it's deadly tentacles across her cheekbones and into her forehead when they removed it. More surgery afterwards to repair her face. Today, her face shows a bit of tone color changes in a couple of places, but she is cancer free.

Myself? I have a fairly good complexion but as I had gotten older I noticed what I knew weren't pimples, but I also wasn't exactly sure what they were. I looked them up and it appeared that they were whiteheads. Made an appointment at the dermatologist and he made it clear I was wrong. Very wrong. What looked like simple whitehead pimples to me were actually skin cancer around my eyes!

Today I'm a bit more careful with how long I spend outdoors, the clothing I wear and even the sunscreen I use. To be clear, I'm not a fan of sunscreens and their chemicals but I will use them on my arms and hands. But I hate having anything gooey on my face. Doesn't matter how nice it smells, how good it goes on or how highly recommended it is, I just feel like my pores clog up and stop breathing. Weird, I know, but that's how my face feels. So….I wear a Sunbonnets for skin cancer preventionhat, or different hats. I wear my grandmothers old straw hat that shades my face from the sun and…yes, you got it, I wear my sunbonnets. They are cute if I may say so 🙂 See the pic of the lady that on my banner at the top of the site? That is my sister wearing one of our bonnets in the garden. You can see that this sun bonnet shades a good portion of her face.

Skin Cancer More Common Than You Realize

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer there is. That make sense because our skin is actually an organ and is one of the largest ones in the human body. Fortunately today, we are seeing great effective diagnostics that find skin cancer quickly. However, one of the deadliest skin cancers, melanomas, has been on the rise and diagnosed cases have double in the last 30 years with predicted melanoma deaths being close to 95,000 in 2018 alone. I feel that each one of us can beat those statistics.

There are a few things that make our risk greater….for us, living in a state with a higher elevation means we are at greater risk for sun damage and exposure. People who live near the equater is another factor. Not to mention that it's HOT there! And being out when the sun is hottest and at it's highest point…noon…forget it! Bad idea. Take a siesta for an hour and go back out it you need to but avoid high noon.

Now, most of us can't do a whole lot about where we live. Unless you have the means and desire to pick up stakes and move elsewhere, you just have to stay put and live with it. But you can make your life a bit easier by avoiding the highest heat and exposure of the day, choose shade to work in when possible, use the best sunscreen and wear hats and light clothing.


Best Organic Sunscreens

……….I was told by my dermatologist who removed my cancer, that if I was concerned about the chemicals to look for organic versions instead. He told me that I would need sunscreen all year around and wearing a hat was advisable if I wanted to keep a reoccurence from happening. He said genreally, if it's safe for babies, it's a good choice for adults. These are the top three that I prefer although you might find other choices working better for you. Find one that works really great or one you love above all others? Please share and post at the bottom of the page what you do and do not like about them and share with others who might benefit from your knowledge……………………….

Organic Zinc Stick moisturizer and sunscreen

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Australian summer sun screen spf 30Blue Lizard
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Nutrition a Big Factor in Cancer Prevention

I wasn't really surprised at the role that nutrition played in cancer prevention. I was suprised at which vitamins, however. Many studies are still citing that red meats and too much protein aggravates cancer or causes it. There are even studies that insist the beta carotene from carrots, once thought to slow down and help prevent cancer, make it worse. Over the years I've read about so many things being dangerous and unhealthy only to read that scientists are now telling us those things are now safe.

To be sure, I believe it's more simple than that. A diet heavily based in healthy vegetables, many of the dark green variety, healthy oils like olive oil and not the polyunsaturated highly processed oils, fresh fruits and vegetables are most important. And there is NO WAY to advocate processed foods and sugar as being healthy. Many of us are seriously depleted in Vitamin C and D as well as micronutrients and the best way to find out what you are deficient in is to take a micronutrient test. But you can prevent a large share of cancer right now by eliminating sugar and processed pre-packaged foods. We've all heard it before. We all know it…but it's so hard to do!

States With the Highest and Lowest Skin Cancer Rates

Ever wonder where you and your state fit in risk-wise? So did I, so I did a bit of digging.

Here's a quick chart for at least 29 or 30 states based on their statistics and the risk of cancer for their inhabitants. As you can see, my home state of Wyoming has a high incidence and risk for skin cancer. 



MAINE 25.1 cases per 100.000 15th highest
NEW HAMPSHIRE  32.5 cases per 100.000 14th highest
NEVADA 15.1  cases per 100,000 13th highest
MISSOURI 19.1  cases per 100,000 12 th highest
WYOMING 26.6  cases per 100,000 11th highest
OREGON  24.6 cases per 100,000 10th highest
COLORADO and NEBRASKA 21.4  cases per 100,000 8th highest
OKLAHOMA  21.8 cases oer 100,000 7th highest
TENNESEE 18.8 cases per 100,000 6th highest
KANSAS 24.3  cases per 100,000 5th highest
KENTUCKY  27.1 cases per 100,000 4th highest
VIRGINIA  20.0 cases per 100,000  3rd highest
UTAH 42.3  cases per 100,000 2nd highest
IDAHO 26.6 cases per 100,000


TEXAS 12.6  and NEW MEXICO 14.2 per 100.000 15th lowest
GEORGIA 27.4 per 100,000 14th lowest
MICHIGAN,.RHODE ISLAND  and ILLINOIS 18.7  per 100,000 13th lowest
CALIFORNIA 23.0 per 100,000 10th lowest
MISSISSIPPI  17.1  per 100,000 9th lowest
MARYLAND and NEW JERSEY  21.9 per 100,  000 8th lowest
NDAKOTA  21.3 per 100,000 6th lowest
CONNECTICUT 21.9 per 100,000 5th lowest
LOUSIANA  17.3  per 100,000 3rd lowest
NEW YORK 17.7 per 100,000 2nd lowest

















We have had customers who were previous skin cancer victims. Because I watched what my mom went through, I can sure sympathize. We have actually made special order bonnets for women with skin cancer, women that were diagnosed with hydrocephalus as children and couldn't find hats to fit or even more simply….women with a lot of hair. If you require a custom bonnet, please let us help you get what you need. Truly, and ounce of prevention is worth a surgery cure!

Skin cancer is a really important issue. It's something we all want to avoid at any cost. So. Wear a hat! Any hat….although of course I'd love it if you found one of ours to be the 'perfect' fit for you 🙂




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