Small Handmade Variety Colored Ribboned Flat Iron Baby Infant Bonnet Sun Hats


Easy to Care for Newborn and Infant Colorful Baby Sun Bonnet Sunhats


 had the urge recently to create some small handmade multi-colored baby infant bonnets, both  ribboned and ruffled sun hats for infant and baby girls using a variety of colors. However, each one of these bonnets are so different. Some have double ruffles, others have hand-crocheted ric-rac while others have longer White Pleated Ruffle on Pink baby bonnet-front,Small handmade multi-colored baby infant bonnetsatin ties to make a larger and fancier bow tie . Yet others have either a single-faced or double faced fabric tie and/or a contrasting interior color. Some have detailed machine embroidery on them. Prices will vary and reflect the amount of work (such as machine embroidery) done for each bonnet. These small handmade multi-colored baby infant bonnets gave me hours of fun creating and sewing and your baby will have hours of comfort wearing them.

Each bonnet shows three different sides; the front, the side and the back, so how the bonnet is worn and how it looks on your baby can easily be seen.

Made of light and breezy cotton blends, the fabrics are color fast. However, I still recommend using detergent specifically made to keep colors bright and vibrant. And of course, no bleach! 

These bonnets are varied in color and make up although the bonnet design itself remains the same. 

Since many people are not too thrilled having their babies photographed and placed online (can't say I blame them…..) all bonnets have been modeled on a life-sized baby doll. But to be sure that these fit not only an infant but an older baby, I tried them on the pastor's granddaughter who was 8 months old at the time. I also measured her head circumference which was 19 1/2 inches. You can assume the bonnets should fit your baby for quite awhile unless she hits some unusual growth spurt! Certainly your baby will get quite some use out of the bonnets 


In order to get this bonnet to fit a tiny baby, or a new born, pull the back cap ties tight and tie the bow. As your baby grows and needs more headroom, loosen the ties and ease up the back cap, then re-tie the drawstrings.

Baby Bonnet Care Instructions

These small handmade multi-colored baby infant bonnets  lay flat for easy pressing if needed. As mentioned,though they are all a cotton blend, it's seriously recommended to hand wash only with a color safe cleaning soap. Back ties can easily be removed before washing and re-threaded after drying and pressing. Air dry and then press with a flat iron after lightly misting with water. Or you can place a damp cloth over the top of the bonnet and then iron.


Light Turquoise Blue w/Hand Crochet White Ric Rac-Polka DotNewborn and Infant Polka Dot blue bonnet-front,Small handmade multi-colored baby infant bonnetFRONT
Light Turquoise Blue baby bonnet with white polka dots. White hand-crocheted ric rac trim on bonnet edge and bonnet mid-section. White 'satin' under-chin bow ties and back cap closing tie.
FQFB-1A 1 avble $21.95 (Plus Shipping)


Small handmade multi-colored baby infant bonnets,Baby Infant Blue Polka Dot bonnet-sideSideBack view of baby and infant blue polka dot bonnetBack

    Soft Candy Pink with contrasting Pink Pattern Ruffle and TiesDouble Pink Rufffled baby infant bonnet frontFRONT
Double pleated pink bonnet has single-faced under-chin ties that match the top pleating and 'satin' ribbon top stitched over the pleats as well.  Has a white 'satin' back cap closing tie.
FQFB-1B 1 avble $21.95 (Plus Shipping)


DBLL-pinkruffle-side baby bonnetSide
Small handmade multi-colored baby infant bonnets,DBL-pinkruffle-Baby Bonnet BackBack

Fuchsia Pink Bonnet with White Pleated Ruffle and Ric RacWhite Pleated Ruffle on Pink baby bonnet-frontFRONT
White Pleated Ruffle and White Ric Rac Bonnet w/white fabric back ties and double face fabric under-chin ties. White pleat is top stitched with white ric rac. Interior of bonnet is also pink
FQFB-1C ONLY 1 avble $21.95 (PLUS SHIPPING)

White Pleated Pink Baby girl BonnetSideWhite Pleated Pink baby girl bonnet-back, Small handmade multi-colored baby infant bonnetBack

Lavender-Purple Ruffled Multi-Colored Butterfly Baby  BonnetSmall handmade multi-colored baby infant bonnets,Butterfly-purple ruffle baby girl bonnet, Small handmade multi-colored baby infant bonnetFRONT
Cute Butterfly patterned bonnet in a multitude of colors. Under-shin ties are double-faced and the same med. lavender color as the interior of the bonnet. Contrast dark purple ruffle w/white top stitch. 
FQFB-1D  ONLY 1  avble $21.95 (PLUS SHIPPING)


Butterfly- Purple ruffle baby girl sunhat sideSide
Butterfly Purple Baby Girl BonnetBack

Mint Green with Rose Embroidery and White Eyelet Lace TrimEmbroidered baby bonnet with roses-frontFRONT


Light pastel mint green with tiny bkgrd print. Embroidery of roses  (both filled in an outlined) on the top and a eyelet lace trim on the back. White 'Satin' ribbon under-chin ties and back cap closing.

Embroidered baby girl bonnet-sideSIDE
embroidered baby bonnet for girls in mint green-backBACK

White Bonnet Cobalt Trim Ties-Variegated Handmade Ric Rac
Hamd crocheted blue ric rac baby bonnet frontFRONT
FQFB-1F ONLY avble 


White cotton bonnet with cobalt blue brim trim, large double faced cobalt blue extra long and wide under-chin ties and back cap tie. Variegated hand crocheted dark blue, light blue and fuchsia ric-rac.

Hand crocheted blue ricrac baby girl sunbonnetSIDEHand crocheted blue ric rac white baby girl sunbonnet