Google loves sitemaps…and I've gradually come to love them too. When a site is built, pages are made that often can be forgotten or dismissed entirely. Especially if the website owner is always making new ones or deleteing old ones. We forget what we had, or forget what we deleted or changed. Google doesn't forget. Google sees all !! (scary, isn't it?) Bottom line, though, it's a major help to the site owner to administer, correct or work on pages that google is indexing but we have put out of mind.

It's also a great help to website visitors because there are times when searching a site isn't as much help to find something until the searcher sees the correct url right in front of their eyes. I've used a website's sitemap often…especially when I can't even find the contat form! On a site map, you'll find everything.

If at anytime it appears I have forgotten, misdirected a url, have a broken link or anything of that nature, even if you just want to leave a comment, let me know as I will be happy to help.