Silver and Turquoise Bracelets

Silver Turquoise Bracelets

If diamonds are a girls best friend, then what is turquoise? I have never been much of a diamond girl myself and the only diamond I really own is in my wedding ring. But turquoise? Silver? In a western style? I can never get enough.


What is particularly special about these silver and turquoise bracelets is that they have the unique flavor of the west and the southwest about them. Yet they still have a feminie look that any woman, and any cowgirl, can wear and still look classy.


Honestly I have to tell you what my secret guilty pleasure is….I go online and look at all the silver and turquoise bracelts like the one above that I want to have, and then make myself lists of the ones I want the most. I start saving for the ones I want, and if I can't wait, I usually have an excuse…like my birthday! Which, dear hubby if you are reading this, happens to be the end of the month, hint, hint, in case you forgot.


There are a lot of jewelry bracelet styles I love, but there is still something about turquoise and silver that just talks to me, you know? and here are the FIRST top picks of what I'm getting…then I will start looking agian for a second set of Top Five after my birthday 🙂


If you enjoy the western/southwestern jewelry style, I think you will be surpirsed that there is a little something for your individual tastes.


teardrop stone turquoise clasp and hook bracelet

Silver and Turquoise Clasp Bracelet with Teardrop Stones



Oval inset Turquoise Bracelets

Silver and Turquoise Cuff Bracelet with inset oval and round stones.




Silver and Turquoise Cuff Bracelet in Violet Turquoise with sunrise engraving

Purple Stone Turquoise Braclets



Silver and Turquoise Bracelet with Cats Eye shaped stones.

  Turuoise and oval gem Bracelets




 Silver Cuff Filagree Bracelet

Silver and Turquoise Cuff Bracelet; Delicate Filagree. Lovely!





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