With the face of the internet changing everyday, and with the increase of virus, phising and assorted hacking activities, privacy on the internet has become of supreme importance.

RGG is not, nor has ever been a sophisticated website in that it takes consumers names and information through any software sources. As a simple mom and pop, we have always done almost everything by hand including processing CCs and shipping items out. Granted, it's the old fashioned way but we truly believe that sometimes a business an become too technologically 'musclebound' to put it. Sometimes the old fashioned way is a great way of doing things. It keeps us hands on, and it keeps us human. 

However, despite our dedication to a hand's on approach, the technological world marches on without us and depsite our best efforts, hackers can still cause problems, even for a small, unassuming, mom and pop. The EU has issued a requirement and regulations for all websites in Europe to follow procedures to protect a customer's information. Those requirements were to be publically displayed on every website, (which is why you now see popups requiring you to accept or decline cookies before you are even allowed to view a website). This then became a requirement in the United States as we were soon required to comply 

Most of us are familiar with the old mail order mailings where we were bombarded with junk mail on a daily basis There seemed to be no end to it and I personally, often wondered how they got my name and address This was long before the internet existed and I understood mailing lists were sold to other marketers. 

Today, we have the same scenario only much more complicated. And because of the internet, inforamtion can be duplilated and spread faster than a wild fire.

So to make it perfectly clear, we don't rent, sell or actually keep any of your info on hand unless you ask us to. We never have. We never will. And because we use Paypal, we don't even have your CC information. 

So pease feel free to take the time to read our shipping policies, our guarantee of your privacy concerning your personali information and the current services we offer.

Should you still have any questions not addressed here, please feel free to contact us using our contact form or, if you have a cell phone, text us. Due to the sheer number of sales calls that we receive, it is easier to reach us by text of email.


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