Rustic Cabin Lodge Western Bedspreads Duvets and Quilts

The Best Duvet or Bedspread for Your Cabin Home

When it comes to buying quilts or duvets for your rustic vacation cabin, a lodge or western print bedspread should be chosen with care. While its tempting to buy something cheap, in the long run I personally have come to regret it. Even if the item is something you may not use on a daily basis, certainly you want it to last a good long while as well as it being easy to care for and look great.

What to Look for in a Good Quality Duvet, Quilt or Bedspread

There are several things to look for when shopping for bedding. The first thing most of us tend to look at is the print, the color and the price. Not necessarily in that order, though. While they are all things to keep in mind, quality ishould be the greatest importance, if not the most. 

I tend to look at the reviews, first. But honestly, they are not usually the main reason why I buy, or don't buy, what I do. Reviews just give me an idea of what the previous buyer thought of the product, what problems they had and how, or if, the vendor/seller resolved it. Often bad reviews are more of a personal nature than an issue with the seller or the product. Instead, I look where the item has been manufactured. In the U.S?  China, Indonesia…Mexico? My first tendency is to support American made goods, and American workers….BUT I still want a good product!

Once I find that information, I begin to look at the size of the bed cover. How thick is it? In winter will it be necessary to add another blanket on top? If it does, then that's not for me. I don't like having to jostle with and make a bed with two blankets or covers. It needs to be thick enough to stay warm and cozy under on a winter's evening. 

I like to know if it's washable and if I can throw it into a dryer if needed. Though I seldom use a dryer, at times that's the fastest way for me to get bedding done. If I have to send it to the dry cleaners, it's a deal breaker for me. FYI, I have nothing against dry cleaning….We just don't have any in our town !

(Take a peek at some gorgeous duvet choices here)

Rustic Cabin Lodge Western Bedspreads Duvets  Quilts, bear and pine tree patchwork quiltThis red and green cover is one of my favorites It's the right size for our bed, and it's 100% cotton. I know that it will be easy care, I can wash it and dry it, or air dry it, and the colors are lively enough to look nice, but are not so loud as to clash with everything else in our bedroom.

This bedspread requires washing on cold water. No problems for me as I generally wash everything in cold water unless it requires special pre-treatments.

You can view this bedspread here on Amazon.

The white border is a nice contrast, although I wish it might be a darker color. No matter where white is, it always gets dirty quickly. Otherwise, I love these colors.

As mentioned concerning the reviews….one of the poorer reviews concerning the blanket, was that the fiberfill in-between the top layer and bottom was without an attachment whatsoever. (Other reviews were very favorable) As a seamstress, this didn't even make me blink. Just running a seam in different places solves that problem immediately. And if you don't have a sewing machine, just running a bit of yarn from the top of the blanket through to the bottom side and tying it off, quickly anchors all the pieces together.

How to Make a Decision

Other than looking for quality and/or convenience, the easiest way to make a decision is to do the pros and cons list. But truthfully? Sometimes I pick something 'Just 'cause I like it!' That's the best reason 🙂

Have fun choosing! 

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