Reusable Anti Flu Decorative Mermaid Dust Pollen Mask


Since we are going into flu season, I have been looking for reusable dust pollen masks that can double as an anti-flu mask to cut down my chances of becoming ill. This kind of protection is better for me as I don't have to keep buying new ones and they are far sturdier than paper. There were so many to choose from, but the one that I thought would be such fun to wear was the mermaid one.

My husband works for a local trucking company, and though he carries his own lunch, he often stops at convenience stores to grab a coke or use the facilities. During flu season, that's a breeding ground for disaster and a misery for me. My immune system is not the best and a 2 week flu for others ends up being 8 weeks of suffering for me when he brings home is 'generous' gift. After this last time, I swore to hubby that beginning in September, I would  begin wearing one around him until spring!

This particular face covering is very easy to care for from what I can see. Hand washing in warm water with a bit of detergent would simple and fast. While masks won't prevent all germs and bacteria, it drastically reduces the chance of inhaling the virus from an accidental sneeze. Or grasping a door handle that someone who already has the flu has touched and then scratching my nose.

I certainly use hand sanitizer,,,,but it it's not always enough. When I remember how  horribly sick I was, and for how long (think not being able to get out of bed for at least three days and having NO fluids because I was too ill to swallow them) I am determined not to repeat that experience. Ever. Every chance I have to prevent becoming ill with the flu is the best option in my book.. And if you have an immune system like mine, you may feel the same way.

Not too sure about the mermaid look? They have many more reusable decorative cotton respirators to choose from.

resusable washable mermaid dust mask respirator-Reusable Anti Flu Decorative Mermaid Dust Pollen Mask



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