Personalized Laser Photo Valentine Glass Heart

Etched Memory Photo Laser Heart

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Personalized Photo Valentine’s Day Lasered 3D Glass Heart

Laser photo personalized valentine glass heartChristmas has only been in my rear view mirror for a few months when this holiday rolls around and I don’t always know what to get. I took an immediate like for an absolutely beautiful 3D heart shaped holographic engraved crystal glass memento.

Believe it or not, homemade gifts quite often make more of a hit and give much more meaning for both the giver and the receiver. True, people don’t have much time these days, but if you start early, you can offer some personal gift certificates for a massage. How about a candlelight dinner with home made lasagna? Why not wrap up those socks you knitted with tiny hearts on them? Or maybe those heart shaped brownies you’ve perfected the recipe for in the last 6 months? You get the idea now, don’t you?


However,  if you don’t have the time to give a handmade gift, maybe this laser 3D heart will work instead. I have a fascination with how these things work anyway. It always amazes me that something so detailed can be intricately carved deep in the heart of an object without damaging the surface. The miracles of modern technology for you. 500 years ago this would have been considered witchcraft 🙂

While I find it difficult to find thoughtful, unique and one-of-a-kind gifts each year for birthday’s and holidays, boy do I struggle with Valentine’s day. Because I am a woman, it’s supposed to be easier, right? Nope. Not. I often find myself grabbing a quick box of chocolates and hope that will good enough. With my husband, it’s easy. He has the world’s worst sweet tooth. Sadly, I’m too often in a hurry which means I don’t put my best food forward into a gift that should have some meaning. I decided not to be rushed this time which is why I found what I did.

Most of us give too much attention to Dove Chocolate and Russell Stover this time of year. However, the quality and choice of gifts I used to see even a few decades ago have greatly improved and the choices are more plentiful today.

There are quite a few different companies that offer these unique photo ornaments. While the engraving itself seems to be uniform from one vendor to the next, the actual style of the photo glass may be slightly different. This particular company offers different shapes and different sizes. A smaller rectangle shape can be $49.00 while the same size heart will be $99.00. Prices vary a bit from seller to seller, but while I didn’t see a huge amount of variation, I assumed it’s pretty uniform from one to the next as long as it was in the same size range. I did see others that were extravagantly higher priced, but they often included extra detail such as a fancy beveled edge and were usually significantly larger.

Each photo is lasered into fairly thick glass with the outer edges smoothed over. Some have decorative carved outer edges, while others are more simply designed and do not.

Ultimately, I was flat out intrigued. I know items like this have been around for quite some time yet I remained just as enthralled as when I first saw things like this. At the risk of sounding like a thirteen  year old, they are ‘AWESOME!’

#D Laster photo glass for weddings and anniversary and valentines


This heart photo is engraved with the dates to commemorate an anniversary, but can just as easily be personalized for a wedding or as a Valentine’s day memento. Your photo and sentiments will live forever encased in solid glass with exceptional and quality detail.

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