Period Correct Bonnets

`1These beautifully sewn women's and children's Western Pioneer Prairie Sun Bonnets will give you a bit of nostalgia for the old west….as well as protect your complexion from the wind and sun. No need to use a chemically based sun screen when you can protect your face and neck, keeping your lovely complexion intact like the women in the 1800's did!  Made from cotton and cotton blends

 Period Correct Bonnets are made specifically for women who engage in historially accurate plays, western period history re-enactments and the like. The materials used are not 100 percent cotton, but are instead made of cotton polyester blends or other similar fabric material combinations. However, the colors and the print style of these materials are historically correct as we use muted colors and designs closely conected to fabrics and patterns available  to women of the period of time when these bonnets were worn.

Period Correct Bonnet-striped in rust and tan
 ONLY 1 LEFT!  Med rust and cream colored stripes w/tiny print. Old fashioned NM

Period Correct dusty rose color with cream roses
2  4 avble
Soft rust/rose colored bkgrd w/rose/cream roses NM

Period Correct Bonnet-medium navy blue, small flowers similar to a calico
  .1 avble Has a blemish, email for discount info
Med navy blue bkgrd, tiny flowers NM

Period Correct-pale olive green with scattered flowers, rust colored
   2 avble Small rust colored roses and pink flowers on lt olive green bkg JO-NM

Period Correct cream colored bonnet with tiny pastel flowers
5  4 avble
cream bkgrd w/tiny lavender/salmon colored flowers  NM

Period Correct vivid violet with cross hatching background and violet roses
6  2 avble Beautiful Violet w/roses and vines JO-NM

Period Correct Bonnet-large cluseter of muted flowers and roses on blk bkgrd
 1 avble ..Old Fashioned Paisley  w/medium sized rust colored roses on blk bkgd. NM

Period Correct Rose pink bonnet with small chocolate diamond pattern
 1avble Dusty rose-pink bkg w/tiny brown diamonds evenly scattered NM



Period Correct soft olive green with tiny coral flower print
10 2 avble  lovely pale green tiny coral roses!

Period Correct Sandstone colore with tiny flecked print
11 1 avble Lt tan with tiny, delicate print

Period Correct Bonnet mint green; subtle pattern
12 1 avble Pretty mint green JO NM

Faux watered silk look sunbonnet of charcoal grays
13 2 Avble Gorgeous Charcoal Gray with darker grays
Faux Watered Silk Look

Period Correct Bonnet-robins egg blue with cross hatched bkgrd and darker blue roses
14 9 avble  blue roses on robins egg blue bkgd

Period Correct Bonnet-red bonnet, Sunmaid Rasisin
15 1 avble Sun maid Raisin Girl-  Red Bonnet

Period Correct Sold Black Bonnet, mourning
16 3 avble Solid Black Bonnet

  Period Correct bonnet-golden brown with lighter colored autumn leaves
1 avble  Autumn leaf print, rust colored and tan , cotton polyester ……

Period Correct olive green with tiny, subtle print
.2 avble moss/olive green with a darker tiny green leaf print …………..

Period Correct Bonnet-strpied in rust and tan
20 ONLY 1 avble Dusty blue, tiny print



  2 comments for “Period Correct Bonnets

  1. Angie
    October 17, 2017 at 7:07 am

    I ordered a bonnet from Madeleine and she contacted me saying she no longer had the one I selected.  I told her I needed a period history one and she went to a fabric store, emailed me the choices and before I knew it I had a beautiful handmade bonnet.  I am so happy with the design and exquisite craftmanship (not exaggerating here).  

    • MJ
      October 18, 2017 at 7:07 pm

      Angie, I’m so glad you love the bonnet. In fact, I think the material color choice on this one is even better and it sounds like it really IS a good choice from your comments. I hope you enjoy the bonnet for many, many years to come!

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