Nordic Ware Valentine’s Day Fluted Cake Pan

Best Valentines Day Nordicware Bundt Pan

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Valentines Day Nordic Ware Bundt CakeI so love Nordic Ware Cake pans because of their sturdy construction and excellent quality. Like chocolates, you can never have too many. And when our church announced a Valentine’s day bake off with cakes made by our menfolk, I pulled out my fluted heart pan. (I was tickled that they still carried them. Too often companies will create something new and then discontinue it after a holiday sales run. Nordic-ware is awesome!)

A USA made product, which is of great importance to me, these bundt pans are made of cast aluminum.  They use a process that Nordic Ware says they have perfected over 70 years. Since they have been around so long, they have a good reputation for the quality of their bake-ware. Clearly their time has been spent well as we now can buy highly crafted pans like these. Despite the intricacy of many of their designs, I have found that the finished product is easy to remove and that cleanup is quite simple.


FYI: There has been concerns about aluminum bake-ware over the years. This happens when a person is health compromised from the start. Aluminum is used in the creation of cookware because it conducts heat so well. This makes it the best choice to cook and bake with. Almost all cook-ware  and bake-ware, these days, comes with a layer of some type of non-stick coating in order to give additional protection.

Do you like discounts? I do, too. I have paid as much as $40 for a special Nordic-ware pan and was pleased to see this 10 cup cake pan for $26 and free shipping. Sales and free shipping help me make a guilt free purchase 🙂

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TIP: To make sure your cake comes out easy without breaking apart, spray or grease the inside of your cake pan well with melted shortening, getting into the tiny areas of a detailed pans with a pasty brush. Then sprinkle a bit of finely ground nuts on it. You should tap and rotate the pan so that the entire surface of the interior is covered with a light dusting of nut meal. Tip the pan upside down to remove any extra. Pour the batter inside and spread evenly before baking. Let the cake cool slightly before removing. These pans are a beautiful way to add extra pizzazz to a holiday dinner or a church bake off.

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