Montana Silversmith Equestrian Heart Ladies Bracelet REVIEW

Montana Silversmith Equestrian Heart Ladies Silver Bracelet REVIEWI love, love, love this bracelet. When I first tried it on, I was surprised at how sturdy it was. The bands are thicker and stronger than some of the clasp style bracelets that many women wear.  I was pleased to see that this bracelet would not be the kind of jewelry that would be easy to accidentally bend or twist.  My Montana Silversmith Equestrian Heart Ladies Silver Bracelet REVIEW will hopefuly give you an idea of what this bracelet is like if you are looking to purchase this for yourself or as a gift.

What I Loved About the Montana Silversmith Equestrian Heart Silver Ladies Bracelet

This bracelet is a one-size-fits-all cuff style and will of course fit more tightly on a larger wrist and a bit more loosely on a smaller wrist. Yet the opening between tips is just right so that it doesn’t drop off your wrist, nor is it impossible to get it on and off.

I especially liked the sturdiness of the bracelet and the clean lines. There were no detailed engraving cuts on the bracelet which make it much easier to keep this heart cuff bracelet clean and attractive looking. I also notice that the bracelet didn’t have a tendency to slip around on my wrist. Often other styles I’ve worn will turn around on my wrist and the design end up on the bottom. This bracelet does none of that.

The open design was a plus to me. This is because so many of the cuff style bracelets are a solid one-piece design and I personally think that this can make a bracelet too hot. If you were to wear a bracelet like that, it would make your wrist hot and sweaty. The open design is quite a bit cooler and for this reason I find the Montana Silversmith Equestrian Heart Bracelet design a lot more favorable over other possible designs.


One thing I should note here; some cuff style bracelets aren’t as sturdy as this one which makes it possible to pull the bracelet arms a bit further apart or squeeze them together. This is usually done to accommodate a larger or smaller wrist. You can’t do that with this bracelet.

My sister is wearing the bracelet and she has a heavier bone structure. Her wrist measurement was “ around her entire wrist. You can see that she had no problem wearing the bracelet and though a bit snug, it was not uncomfortable for her. This can give you an idea of whether the bracelet will work for you based on her measurements.

 Topsdie showing the horse emblem on the  Equestrian Heart Ladies Silver Bracelet REVIEW


Solid, firm bracelet. Not easily bent or broken.
Without detailed cuts, carved grooves or detailed design, it is easy to clean and keep clean
No frills bracelet making it look great with its elegant and clean lines. Looks good if your dressed to the nines, still looks great if you’re in blue jeans.
Affordable and I thought a good quality for the price.


If there is one thing I really would think is a negative impact on this bracelet, it’s that its one-size-fits-all bracelet will not fit really heavy women with a really large wrist. You CAN get it on and off, but it’s a tight squeeze and will be a bit of a hassle to get it on. There are no larger or smaller sizes.

Bottom side of the  Equestrian Heart Ladies Bracelet

Bracelet points are fairly far apart to accommodate most wrist sizes, but due to the solid sturdy nature of the bracelet, points cannot be squeezed closer for a tighter fit. Nor can they be pulled apart for a looser fit.


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