Montana Silversmith Double Heart Bracelet REVIEW

Montana Silversmith Double Heart Bracelet Review

Montana Silversmith Double Heart Bracelet Review

I’ve had Montana Silersmith jewelry for almost 20 years. For one thing, I have always preferred the look of silver over the look of gold. One is not better than the other, but it is simply a personal preference. And Montana Silver has some gorgeous jewelry. Even today, I have several pieces that they no longer make that contineu to be my favorites such as a set of button covers.  It's one of their designs  that I love the most!


But I’m always up for another piece of Montana Silver Smith jewelry if I find something that catches my eye. And this sweetheart of a  bracelet did just that.


I loved the delicate look of the bracelet, the combined hearts that interwove with each other as they curved around the wrist. And the workmanship as always , was fantastic. But I didn’t keep the bracelet. And here are my pros and cons on why I did not choose to keep this bracelet.


NOTE. Keep in mind that this is my fair and honest  Montana Silversmith DoubleHeart Bracelet review based on what I look for in a piece of jewelry which may or may not fit in mind with what you are looking for. I base the review on what I look for in a bracelet with the hopes that it will help others make and informed choice.

Montana Silversmith DoubleHeart Bracelet Review


*The workmanship is fantastic, as always. I've bought and worn many pieces and find no fault with the the design and quality.
*The intertwined hearts of black on silver were pleasing to the eye.
*The clasp on the underside of the bracelet was actually stronger than I expected (which is a good thing!) because I had a bit of trouble opening it to get the bracelet on. I have worn bracelets and necklaces that had weak clasps which only invited breakage later on while wearing it.
*There is a small chain on the backside so that when you unclip it, the chain still keeps the bracelet attached and on your wrist while saving you from dropping or losing it.



*I wasn’t really a fan of the beaded bottom half (or backside) of the bracelet. It was lightweight, which is to be expected with a more delicately designed bracelet like this one. Yet I wasn’t comfortable with it, feeling that it was too easy to get snagged on something and thus damaging the bracelet.
*The links actually looked pretty solid and well connected, but again, I was concerned at how easily this bracelet could be snagged on something.
* This bracelet isn't adjustable. You can't clip it to a link further up the chain to make it smaller, or father down the chain to loosen it. However, it appears that it should fit comfortably on any wrist, though the smaller the wrist, the greater the play will be in the bracelet.

Montana Silversmith DoubleHeart Bracelet



This shows the extra chain link at the bottom of the bracelet. When the bracelet is unclipped, this small piece of chain keeps the bracelet from dropping or falling off until clipped closed.

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