Mens Fringe Leather Jackets

Rawhide Leather Fringe Jacket, Men's or Women's

Living in one of the Great Plains states, I grew up with, and wore, garments like my beautiful powder blue  leather fringe jacket. I still have it to this day. My jacket came in colors like the one I owned, and even a denim blue, a red and a soft forest green to name a few. Those are quite hard to find today and are no longer as popular as the standard earth tones currently found in these sturdy garments.

In the 70's, leather fringe coats and shirts were hot! Anything in those styles were considered fashionable and we were proud to own clothing like that. Though they were not wash and wear, usually being cleaned only with a damp cloth, I would simply put up with that little inconvenience in order to 'look' cool.

What goes around comes around they say and fashion that was from yesteryear is now proudly worn today. Overall, I haven't seen too many leather fringe jackets, shirts, coats or vests  in non-traditional colors, but the buckskin colored tans, blacks and chocolate browns remain as popular as they were in the past. You'll find that leather shirts, skirts or coats, either for men or women, will be in these standard shades.

Are the fringe Leather Jackets Expensive?

Depending on the color or size chosen and the company, these jackets run about $150 to a little bit over $200, which is amazing considering they are leather. 

Scroll to the bottom to read about cleaning and fit.
Curious about the history of fringes? Read a quick article on the history of fringe jackets.

Fringed yoke shirt jacket with cross rawhide ties in frontMen's Soft Leather Suede unlined shirt,  brown color  in Sizes  x-sm  to XXXXX-XL
Fringes on front and back, X-stitch side ties 
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Leather fringe shirt Lined shirt-jacket that comes in tan, chocolate, cafe brown and bourbon,A soft boar suede leather shirt  in  sizes from a medium,to a  XXX-Large. A lengthy 8 inch leather fringe adorns the front V yoke
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Zipper Front Classic Leather Jacket with fringersBeautiful Classic leather jacket  with zippered front, and front yoke fringe. Colors in bourbon, tan, black and multicolored. 100% leather. Sizes S to XX.
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fringe leather jackets, Mens Leather Fringe JacketIf you love fringe, THIS is the one to go with!  Standard yoke and sleeve fringes with additional on the bottom. Runs a bit on the smaller side and has button front, Sizes  small to XXXX-Large
Men or Women's Dark Chocolate Suede Fringe JacketA more tailored look, this Chocolate Suede Fringe jacket could be worn by a man or woman. Fringed yoke, sleeves, bottom hem and pockets.
X-SM to XXXXX-lg

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White leather deep fringe jacket100% genuine lambskin suede leather. Autumn wear and Light Winter. Excellent quality and several size choices. Button closure.
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Will These Jackets Fit Me?

The fringe leather jacket style is actually pretty loose and relaxed, with the cut of the shirts straight. Traditionally, they have no darts or fitted waists, so the shape will accommodate pretty much everyone. In addition, several of these shirts have a large range of sizes to choose from with quite a few offering up to a 5X. This will include a longer arm and shirt length, though, so if you are requiring a larger size with a shorter length, a professional who works with leather would be the best option for removing a few inches from the bottom or the sleeves.

How to Clean Leather Jackets and Shirts with Fringes

Many manufacturers will recommend professional cleaning and in some cases, this is the correct way to go. Especially if you have spilled something very difficult to remove. However, few people today wear garments of this type on a daily basis as part of their standard wear. Usually they are worn on occasion, so cleaning can be kept at a minimum. Because they are made of leather, they cannot be washed in a standard washing machine. Instead, a damp cloth with a mild detergent solution is sufficient. Wipe any soil and detergent off with a clean cloth.

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