Lightweight Cotton Summer Breeze Colorful Ladies Sun Bonnet

Ladies Light Weight White Cotton Brimmed Sun Bonnet with Contrast Colors

New…..'Watercolor' brimmed Bonnet
These wonderfully lightweight cotton summer breeze ladies sun bonnets are easy to care for and super pretty., They  don't sacrifice color or femininity for convenience. I think a bonnet should be serviceable…. and I think sun bonnets should be wash and wear as well as light weight. This gives your  skin great protection, yet you won't suffer from the heat of wearing dark and heavy fabrics.  Above all, they should have some color and look pretty! 
However, I amended my pattern and the design a bit in these new bonnets by changing what I put in to them as well as where I placed the ties. In these Summer Breeze Bonnets, I sewed the ties on the outside. While the ties are soft and don't chafe the neck on the inside where they are normally sewn, there was no real reason why they couldn't be placed outside the bonnet. I deliberately chose to do so since the ties were made of a contrasting color in order to match the bonnet brim top. Certainly ,it's  just another 'pretty' factor that added to the bonnet, but one that makes them special.

Caring For Your Bonnet
Because they are all made of a cotton blend, it makes them easy to wash and press. Hand wash (or use a light cycle on your machine) and air dry. (Though there is no reason to not use a dryer, air drying saves  the sun bonnet from the possibility of missing a stain when washing. This way, stains will not 'set' and you can re-treat and re-wash). Press with a hot iron.
Without the heavier weight brim inserts, these bonnets are pretty easy to fold up and cram in a pocket if needed. If you are at a picnic, on a hike or just gardening and doing yard work, it's easy to tie this bonnet on. When you want a break, untie and fold to fit in a pocket.
Most of these light weight sun bonnets have white ties. A few, however, will have a matching color to the contrasting brim color. 
What Sun Bonnet Sizes Do You Carry?
The one-size-fits-all is generally true. There is plenty of room within the cap to accommodate different sized heads or women with thick or bundled up hair. The ties in the back ar not just because they make a nice gathered look in the back ladies! you need more room? Loosen the ties! You need the brim to fall back father back over your head and away from your face? Tighten them.
Lightweight Cotton Summer Breeze Ladies Sun Bonnet Custom Made Just for YOU!
Occasionally there will be a special needs bonnet (women who have ultra-thick hair, long dreadlocks or past-waist-length curls) for a woman in which we can, and have, accommodated. Just give us a whisper, a jingle, a text or even carrier pigeon. Promise…we'll make you a sun bonnet just perfect for you!
summer breeze light weight cotton ladies summer sun bonnetMoody Blues in various shades and tones splashed against a white background. White ties, contrasting outer ties on the back. SB-MB 1 avble $31.95 plus First Class Shipping



Tiny red and white polka dot ladies summer breeze sun bonnet lightweight cotton summer breeze ladies sun bonnet50's style white polka dot sweetheart  red material contrasts w/ the crisp white of  sun bonnet.Contrasting red ties in the back. SB-SHR 1 avble $31.95 plus First Class Shipping.



Lades summer sun bonnet in white and green polka dots, lightweight cotton summer breeze ladies sun bonnet Irish Spring Fresh Lime/Chartreuse color with white polka dots on a crisp white background with a matching tie. SB-LGC 1 avble $31.95 Plus First Class Shipping

Southwest print ladies summer breeze bonnetsStriking Southwest in Earth-tone colors contrasts boldly w/the stark summer white material.Ties are white.
SB-SWW 1 avble $31.95 Plus First Class Shipping

Bandana Pink on White Summer Breeze Bonnet, lightweight cotton summer breeze ladies sun bonnetPink Bandana Print on a crisp white background with a matching  under chin ties and contrasting back next tie… SB-PkB 1 avble $31.95 Plus First Class Shipping

Summer Breeze Watercolor Brimmed BonnetSB-WCB 1 avble 31.95 Plus First Class Shipping
Pastel colors blending together in a soft watercolor look adorns this bri


  Summer Breeze Sunbonnet Bandana WhiteSB-WB 1 avble 31.95 Plus First Class Shipping
White Bonnet with Black and white print bandana on the interior brim. Matching back tie.