Lacy Knit Short Fingerless Gloves Pattern

Quick and Easy Lacy Knit Short Fingerless Gloves Pattern

When I was a kid, a few of the things I hated to wear were hats, shoes….and gloves.  Even  if I had to run out doors to take out the trash, I still ran barefoot in the snow! However, as I get older, I find my hands and feet get a lot colder and much sooner. Because I hate wearing really long gloves and I only wanted to keep my hands and the top part of my wrist warm, I made these Lacy Knit Fingerless Gloves for myself. (Just FYI, I still tend to run barefoot at home. When my feet get cold, I just turn up the thermostat instead of putting on socks. Get in lots of trouble I can tell you!)


Lacy Knit Short Fingerless Gloves Free Pattern

 I realize that many people want long gloved style, but I found they really bothered me. Just a quick knit in the afternoon making these and I had a small, warm pair to wear for the next day. We live in an older house that is not insulated well and it seems like my hands are always cold. A pair of full gloves was impossible for me to work with so I settled for something simple like this. 

I didn't want my hands to feel too sweaty, either, so I chose a super simple lacy pattern so that my gloves could 'breathe'.

Bernat baby sports  yarn



One of my all time favorite yarns is Bernat. A 'barrel' of yarn like this goes a long way. I had some soft baby blue left over that I used for this lacey short glove that I knitted.

Honestly, I just whipped them up in an afternoon and  used what yarn I had on hand. In the end, I"m ok with it because the pair was made of a lightweight baby sports yarn on size 6 needles. My hands are fairly small, though, so I made another pair and tested it on family, and the ones made with a size 8 needle worked for my sis who has larger hands than me.

Your gauge will change if you use a heavier 4 ply yarn for instance, or use larger needles. But this is a great way to use up some left over yarn to make something nice and still give something pretty for a gift.

If you want to get a specific yarn, a nice 3 oz skein will do it.


SMALL; With size 6 needles, cast on 25 stitches. (For a larger glove, use a heavier yarn, size 8 needles and cast on 28 stitches)
Repeats are from * to *.

BEGINNING WITH A HEM (when doubled over, this will enhance the 'lace' look. Hem is knitted for both top and bottom of the glove.)
Row1. After casting on, purl first row.
Row 2. Knit entire row.
Row 3. Purl entire row.
Row 4. k1 , yo,  k2tog and repeat to row end, ending with k2 tog
Row 5. Purl entire row.
Row 6. Knit entire row.
Row 7. Purl entire row.
Row 8. Knit entire row.
Row 9. Purl entire row.

Row 1. k1, yo, *k2tog, yo,* and repeat ending with a yo k2,. (25 stitches total)
Row 2. Purl entire row.
Row 3. Knit entire row.
Row 4. Purl entire row.
Row 5. k2tog, *yo, k2tog*,  and repeat to end or row, ending with k2, k1. (25 stitches total)

Repeat the pattern rows to your desired length. I made mine about  6 inches total. After hemming, it will be about and inch shorter.

hem stitch

After blocking and stitching the sides together, stitch both the top and bottom hem by
folding over and stitching the glove itself. See how to stitch for openings below the instructions.

Row 1. K1, *yo, k2tog, yo*  to end, ending with K2tog
Row 2. Purl to end.
Row 3. Knit to end.
Row 4. Purl to end
Row 5. Knit to end
Row 6. Purl to end.
Row 7. k1, *yo, k2tog* repeat to end, ending with k2 tog
Row 8. Purl to end.
Row 9. Knit to end. 
Row 10. Purl to end.
Row 11. This is your purl/cast off row and the final row. Cast off loosely.

Repeat these pattern rows for desired length ending with the k2, yo, k2tog row.
Block your finished work before sewing. This will make it easier since knitted edges have a tendency to curl.
Sew the entire side seam first, starting from the top. Stitch about 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches, then leave approximately a 2 inch opening for the thumb. Stitch the remaining of the glove. Then turn sewn glove tube inside out. Fold over the hem and loosely stitch the edge (white pointer) to the bottom part of the hem the red/white pointer).
If needed, block and press once more. Turn right side out. Ta da! All done.


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