Kombucha Making-6 Must Have’s for Making Kombucha

Finished Kombucha, perfect for summer with ice and a sprig of tea

Kombucha Making 6 Must Haves for DIYselfers Brewing at Home

I have been making Kombucha at home for awhile and have accrued the utensils and tools I need to do it, But for those who are just starting out, I thought I'd give you guys a head's help and help you choose those items. Here are my Kombucha Making-6 Must Haves if you are just beginning your new Kombucha brew making adventure.

Iust finished another batch of Kombucha, this time making it with Watermelon and Lemon. Let me tell you, my job is so much easier with the right tools. KOmbucha making is not really all that hard, but when a person is new at it, and you are brewing it and using whatever you h ave on hand, it becomes a bit awkward and sometimes it can be a bit messy. (read; 'STICKY!')

Don't get me wrong; Kombucha Making is for everyone. And you CAN use whatever kitchen utensils you have on hand if you are getting started. But brewing with these few simple tools and accessories makes kombucha brewing easier, less messy and can also take the guess work out of part of your Kombucha Making brewing process. They might be something you want to add a piece at a time and it's something to think about.

Below are my topKombucha Making-6 Must Haves for my fermented tea making at home. I've given explanations of why I think these tools are necessary and important to your successful brewing adventures at home.

Here are my top 6, the Most Important Tools and Utensils to Have

Grolsch or grolsch like bottles that will easiy contained fermented kombucha

Kombucha Making Bottle Set, includes Caps
At first I scrounged around for all kinds of bottles to hold my finished brew in and while I accrued many,
they were all plastic . This is fine….if your ferment isn't too strong and won't blow the bottle! Save yourself
the headache of an explosion in the kitchen and get a set that is specifially designed for fermented drinks.



2 gallon jar that for kombucha making has a hand Spigot

Kombucha Making 2 Gallon Jar with Spigot
I got my first 2 gallon jar out of walmart…what a deal! Brews two gallons at a time, easy to clean.
BUT…..It's so heavy you can't lift it to pour into another jar, let alone a small mouthed bottle. The
spigot takes care of this problem by remainging on your counterop and allowing you to pour
what you need and when you need it. When almost empty, it's a breeze to clean.



simpe 1 Gallon Jar for kombucha making has a breathable cover that is easily secured
Kombucha Making 1 Gallon Jar

Before I got my 2 Gallon Spigot jar and my 2 Gallon Walmart Jar, I started with a 1 gallon jar….
that used to have pickles in it. Nothing wrong with pickles 🙂 But it takes a llllloooooonnnnnnggggg
time to get the smell and taste out of your kombucha. But the reason I like this so well is that
this jar comes with a lid (pickle jar lids corrode) and a cloth cover to keep those pesky fruit flies
out of your brew. They love the flavor and this way, they won't compete with you for your kombucha!



 Bottle Brushes Making Kombucha brewing and easy cleanup
Kombucha Making Bottle Brushes
Seriously….I shouldn't have to expalin this one! I can't impress on anyone just how iimportant
it is to get your bottles clean. Baby Bottle brushes that you can get at the grocery either
don't do the job, or they don't get in to corners and crevices like you want. These may not fit
your needs according to the bottles you will be using to bottle your kombucha, but please,
please…get some brushes! There are many to choose from so shop around.



When brewing kombucha, this handy Thermometer helps keep an eye on critical temps
Kombucha Making Thermometer
Some will consider this important and others will choose to go by guess and by gosh>
But here is something to consider….I recently introduced one of my sisters to brewing
kombucha. (Bless her heart, she has yet to get the hang of it) and I recently got a very
frantic text message that there was something wrong with it. I asked her if it tasted like
vinegar and she admitted it did. I told her one of two things happened. She either let it
brew too long…….or it got too hot. This thermometer is realy affordable so give it some
thought as to whether you think it will aid you in keeping tabs on your brew temps.



a very handy kombucha Strainer Set that helps prevent spills and sticky cleanups
Kombucha Making Strainer Set
I got my first set from Amazon and it was a nylon mesh as recommended for kombucha
water kefir and milk kefit. But I began to brew more kefir than I did the other two, creaing more
volume. Eventually, as I had to pour larger amounts, I put my strainer inside a canning funnel,
then placed it over the jar. Needless to say, sometimes I poured too fast, sometims I bumped
the handle…and I'm sure you know what happened. Sticky, sticky everywhere. These are not
critial to have; however there is no doubt in my mind that the strainer/funnel combo will benefit
you for a very long time and save you much clean up time. Try and decide for yourself!


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