Kindle Journals

Journaling is nothing new. For ceturies people have been writing about their ideas, their secret recipes, or unusual to-do lists. Children and adults alike are encouraged to journal on occasion. It's considered an important part of emotional growth, therapy or record keeping. 

Oh the Things We Journal About!

Today, though, we can journal everything. As a stress reducer, nothing beats a humorous journal for keepig track of a record of things you might have done when you were red-linging….but didn't. Or if you finally have figured out the secret ingredient Aunt Betty used in her amazing pound cake….and you still want to keep it  secret. 

Blessing Journals are one of my favorites and it helps me keep track of so many things I take for granted. Yet these tiny, and some not so tiny, blessings give me a sense of hope and renewal. I love looking back at my journal to see things that I have prayed for and how they were answered and in what way. What an encourager that is!

Find our published kindle journal-notebooks for a variety of occasions, and our summary books with quick synopsis’ of the book material. There are even art lessons and all in one place. Printed journals have beautiful covers with lined interiors that make writing or recording a pleasure.


Blank Journal for Stressed Wine LoversBlank Journal for stressed wine lovers, this journal allows plenty of writing space to journal thoughts, funny moments, wine receipes and more. Great gag gifts for boss or co-workers


The overworked journal for coworkers, kindle journalsJournal makes a great humorous gift to a friend, co-worker or room-make for those moments when they have just had 'enough'. Chanel their stress into writng and let them write the new best seller.


master grillers journal recipe book

Blank Journal for the master griller in your circle. Room for secret recipes and not-s0-secret recipe. Photos can be added in spaces at the top of the book. 


Pet Mouse training

Every child wants a pet and a mouse is, while not conventional, a fun pet to have. And at one time, I had 15 of them! Encourage your child's stories and drawings in this lined journal notebook with space for drawings.


Life is Tough journalJournal or diary for the woman you love. She can express her most difficult moments in this beautifully designed notebook.