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Find our published kindle journal-notebooks for a variety of occasions, our summary books with quick synopsis' of the book material. TherJournal notebookse are even art lessons and all in one place. Printed journals have beautiful covers with lined interiors that make writing or recording a pleasure.

Journaling, writing in diaries and recording thoughts, recipes or family history used to be a thing of the past. However, it's making a comeback and I, for one, am happy to see it.

There is a challenge to recording ideas in a coherent and thoughtful manner, using organization and forethought. The writing word seems to becoming a lost art. Encouraging journaling in notebooks is such a wonderful way to preserve ideas, or record memories for family members. As a way to channel worry and stress, journal writing is a great way to relax.

I never, ever thought I would record a journal, but after I started, I was amazed to look back and read what I had written, why and what I was feeling at the time. I was so glad because I was able to see my written word in a new light.

I encourage you to try journaling, even if it's a bit frightening to try at first. Who knows? Your recorded written thoughts might be the new book of the year!


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