Jewelry as an Adornment, Status Symbol, or Statement

Silver Hawk Carved bone feather sterling silver earringsLooking back in history, jewelry has been used as an adornment, a status symbol, or even a statement. Think King Tut covered in gold! Obviously, as a status symbol, the poor weren't allowed to have the choicest pieces of jewelry. But they still covered themselves in pieces of leather or cloth (sometimes teeth!) which were sometimes worn as totems for protection. Or they might wear memorabilia like native American beaded pouches holding locks of hair or birth cords. Sometimes decoration even adorned the war swords of kings and statesmen in power. If you had to use it or wear it, it might as well be pretty and indicate importance.

Bling can come in all kinds of shapes and forms that delight the eye and enhance the wearer. Now, not all of us would even care to wear the hope diamond for instance, but a nice little piece of bling will do for most of us. At any given time on any day, or for any search in google or yahoo, you will find millions of choices to pick from. Our small assortment is based on the state we live in, the artisans that make these fine pieces and the rural and regional nature of our area.

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