Information Deletion


Information Deletion According to the New Privacy Measures

Priavcy issues are a great concern for people on the internet today. How we do business both online and offline greatfly affect our personal lives. Therefore, it's of great importance for consumers, customers, web surfers and …well, anyone, to know what is being done with their information, who is collecting it, how it's being collected and what it done with it once it's been collected.

I short, most websites offer 'cookie's', which 'collects' bits of information from you IP address when you visit. This cookie, or information, is stored on your computer so that if you choose to visit again, your computer will not have to take the time to re-download all the information again. If you wish your information to be deleted, the best way to do this is to daily clean your brower caches and delete all cookie information.

If you visit a website that asks you to accept cookies and you refuse, often this will mean you cannot view the website or that it will not work properly.