Finally Done with Moving!

moving our busines into our home, Embroidered MonarchIn a million years I would have never thought it would be so hard to move and take so long. I swear that the old a person gets, the heavier the boxes are.

Though the move was only next door, it's taken from the end of October to now to get pretty close to done. Why? Well…..I thought moving only next door meant that I didn't have to label boxes, I could cart over what I needed, unbox and put things where I wanted and then starting all over. Yes, it's a great way to move when you are moving next door and not acorss the county, but it takes a LOT longer than normal. Especially if you commit the cardinal boo boo of dumping bath towels in with dishes (combining two rooms) and not labeling the boxes!

(The butterfly is an embroidered one on our new commercial machine. Since there is no room for it currently, it resides in our living room behind the softa)

It's finally coming to an end and I can come back to Rawhide because I've missed being here. I miss the sewing, the crocheting the website work…all of it. And now I finally can begin to go back to getting a few things done.

Are all th4e boxes unpacked? Nope! But those that are left can darn well wait!

What's new? Well, we acquired an embroidery machine business in which we plan to continue with the things the former owner did, but we will also add embroidery to some of our bonnets. But we are adding a new line of ladies hats, ladies denim sling or hobo bags, welder's caps and gathered christening bonnets.

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