Fancy Crochet Rick Rack

DIY Crochet Rick Rack Trim #2

Fancy Crochet Rick Rack Trim with Pearls for Baby Clothes, Blouses, Pillows and More

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color coded ric rac

I was told  at our church recently, that things like fancy crocheted rick rack trim,  was not  in vogue with young people today. I had wanted to start a group where we could meet regularly to work on charity projects with the idea in mind of teaching beginners how to do this wonderful craft. Apparently they hadn’t searched the web recently as more and more young people are learning, creating and designing with a hook and yarn. I have been knitting and crocheting since I was 8,  so this is a wonderful thing to see in my opinion.

Even today, I have a tendency to make my own trims, furniture coverings and rugs. Not only because it keeps my hands busy when watching tv, but it also makes a home look more loved and lived in. Even down right inviting. And sometimes I just can’t find what I want or need to match the idea I have in my head….so I make it.

I made this little trim fairly quickly, actually, using some of the colored bits of thread I had in mind for some children’s dress trim. I made the one with the pearls for a baby christening bonnet. Simple, elegant and fast.

The trim is quickly made up and uses a chain stitch, and a double crochet stitch. If you are unfamiliar with these, simply google the terms and you will pull up tons of videos and charts.

I used a simple crochet thread, with colors to match the item I am sewing it on, in a size 10 cotton, and a hook size 8. I use the hook size interchangeably as sometimes I like a looser look and with others, a tighter finish. Use the hook that makes the finished trim look as you want it to. NOTE: I used a baby sports yarn and heavier hook to make it easier to take closeups and show the details. I also color code things. It makes it a lot easier for me to point things out. Takes more time to set up images, but it’s worth it, especially if you are a visual learner like I am. Hope you will find it helpful.

You can see the DIY Rick Rack Trim here for a slightly different variation on crocheting this kind of trim.

rick rack crochet treim

Chain 4 with baby sports yarn. I chained a bit loosely here as you can see. If you want a lacier look, then do the same. A tighter control on your yarn or thread will make a smaller chain.

rick rack crochet trime

Now, make 2 double crochet in the last space of the beginning chain. It will look something like this. If the loop looks to big on the bottom, just tug on the ‘tail’ to tighten it up. However, it won’t make too much difference as once you sew it on to your item, it  will more than likely be tucked inside a seam or tucked under in some way.

Then chain one (this will make a space for the 3 DC on the other side), and make one more double crochet in the same space. You now have 3C, Ch1, and 1DC in the fourth space from your hook on the first 4 Sc.

rick rack trim

Chain 3 and turn, (The Chain 2 will be your first ‘double crochet, green pointer). Now make 2 more dc in the previous ch 1 space, next to your chain 3 purple pointer). Ch 1  (red pointer), and make another dc in the same space (yellow line). Chain 3 and turn, repeating the process until the trim is at the length you desire.

DMC colored tatting and crochet thread
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Gorgeous color choices for the more delicate rick rack trims for smaller, delicate items

rick rack example


These were done with a multi-colored light weight sports yarn and a pink sports yarn. Heavier trims like these work better on crocheted baby blankets, jackets and small pillows. The one in the center is done with a size 10 crochet thread and fancied up a bit with pearls. To make it, thread pearls on your crochet thread and at each turn of your completed row, pull up a bead at the end of your chain 3. Make two more DC, ch 1, DC in same space, ch 3 and turn. Same process, but you are only adding another step with the beads.


PATTERN for Fancy Crochet Rick Rack Trim with or without Pearls

Row 1. Chain 4, make 3 DC in the fourth chain from the hook. Chain 1 and one more double crochet in the same space as the previous dc’s. Chain 3 and turn.
Row 2. Counting your chain 3 as your first DC on this row, make 2 more DC in the same space, chain 1, and make one last DC in the same space as the previous 3. Chain 3 and turn. Repeat.

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