Extra Tall Solar Walkway Lights

As we're going into autumn and soon looking at winter, my goal this year was to get extra tall solar walkway lights that would show above the snow. With a few feet of the 'white stuff', it's often hard to find where our walkway is until it's shoveled. I'm hoping that putting these up along our path will eliminate, or at least reduce, our problem of stumbling around in the snow til we reach our front steps.

My search was for that special something going beyond decorative or the standard. I wanted lighting at least 36 inches in height. They had to be solar since I didn't want to bother with wiring or constant battery replacements. 

Solar patio walkway lights are perfect for lighting a dark area, or decorating a small space. For my purpose, this set of four would do exactly what I needed it to do. Since I looked for outdoor lights that were longer than the norm, I thought I might as well go for looks as well.  I was particularly pleased with the fact that they were waterproof, (I'm thinking lots of snow here), that they self-regulated by automatically turning on and off and that they operated on a long lasting lithium battery.

They also have a fairly long running time of 12 hours which, in the winter, works well. With the days becoming shorter, lighting the pathway up to our doorstep is critical. And I got lights that were 43 inches in height.  I was very happy!

My favorite? The flickering flame effect inside the lights. I may just sit outside and watch them in the dark….Or maybe wait til summer 🙂

Extra Tall Solar Walkway Lights


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