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Everything's Homey. A page of uunique, unusual and one of a kind gifts for home living, and special occasions like holidays, anniversary's and birthdays. Everthing's Homey, to me, is about things that make a house a home, make living a bit easier, makes a life better organized and even about having fun by giving awesome, weird, cute and unusual gifts (so that you can be a hit at the celebration, of course!) that no one ever knew about.

I bet you are wondering what a page, and a bunch of posts, have to do with a website like this one. Well, the answer is, they aren't really connected …it's just me. I'm curiuos about a lot of things, and often go searching for something You see, I'm always trying to find something different for gifts, regardless of the occasion or season. After awhile, it becomes old hat to keep giving gloves, the newest best selling book, or gift cards. Sometimes I want to be the kid on the block that gives the neatest presents. So, when I find those odd things, I can't resist sharing them.

Not all of the items I have searched for and reviewed for Everything's Homey are new, strange, weird or even unique. Sometimes I just have a need for something particular….like the best Christmas decor for a corner in a small aprartment for my grandmother's assisted living area. Another time I did a search for silicone bandaids, if you can believe it or not 🙂 Yet another time I was looking for a way to make dirt molds from reusable silicone for the slips of my many plant cuttings. And yes, they have those too. I know, right?

Strangely, I'm finding out if I have a need for something, a requirement or even a new brain storm idea, someone out there has already thought of it, created it and marketed it. Leaves me out of the running for the Inventor's club but at least I can review and then tell you about it.

I have a few categories for Everythings Homey in which I will be posting the links below. So far I have not found a better way to list these other than on this page in link and category titles form. When I do, you'll be the first to know. However currently that is the best I can come up with. You may find some posts under more than one category. This can make it easier to find something. And sometimes an item will easily fit under more than one category.

If there is something you are looking for, don't have the time or know where or how to look, shoot me a comment and I will my best to hunt it down..Make sure it's a fun search!

NOTE; It's a bit easier to have me reply if you leave a commentor a text instead of email.


Solar Lights https://rawhidestudios.com/best-glow-dark-year-around-solar-yard-lights/
USB Recgareable Hand Pocket Warmers https://rawhidestudios.com/usb-rechargeable-pocket-hand-warmer-gift/

Extra Tall Solar Walkway Lights https://rawhidestudios.com/extra-tall-solar-walkway-lights/

Colored Silicone Bakeware 31 Piece Set https://rawhidestudios.com/colored-silicone-bakeware/
Clear Glass Infusion Teapot Sehttps://rawhidestudios.com/clear-glass-infuser-stovetop-teapot/

Anti Flu Dust Pollen Mask https://rawhidestudios.com/reusable-anti-flu-decorative-mermaid-dust-pollen-mask/
Best Foot, Leg, Knee Support Bike Scooter https://rawhidestudios.com/best-foot-leg-knee-support-scooters/

Western Wedding Cake Topper https://rawhidestudios.com/western-wedding-cake-topper/

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