Embroidered Covid Face Masks

Embroidered Covid19 and Smog Face Masks for the Current Flu Season

NOTE: My sister and I have been kept busy sewing, embroidering and shipping these out. As I finish each one, I’ll upload the images and the PayPal buttons.

With the new scare of Covid 19 on the scene, many are making face masks by the thousands. Rawhide Gifts and Gallery (and Sunshine Country Embroidery) are now making embroidered masks now as well, because it seems there is such a great need for them. We have also been donating them to certain local areas as well, to help stop the spread of the virus.

Please note that these masks are NOT N-95 respirators or surgical mask.  Those types will be the most effective, but because of the short supply, need to be reserved for medical personnel and the like. General masks are used for those who may have a cough due to cold, allergies etc, and do not wish to spread it. Though they don’t give the protection that the surgical or N95 do, they will help in certain places. Doing nothing, though, helps not at all 🙂 However, medical professionals have determined that wearing ANY mask will certainly help that wearing no mask at all.

Our masks are a cotton-polyester blend with a front facing half, which includes the embroidered design, and the interior half which is white. Masks will have either ribbon ties, cotton ties, or crocheted cord. Since supplies for elastic, seam binding and ribbon are running out, I’ve used what I have and have done my best to try to make colors match, or at least use a contrasting color that complements the mask colors.

What Are Our Masks Made of? How Large Are They?
Masks are 8″ x 12″ and have a space on either end to slip in a filter. They extend well the nose and under the chin with a cord that slips over the back of the neck and ties behind your head. This particular design that I’ve used was chosen by our local hospital, so that’s the one I worked with and sewed. There are many of them out there; different colors, shapes, patterns…the stream of choices seem endless. My masks are simply another choice and I want to thank you for at least taking the time to stop by Rawhide Gifts and Gallery (and Sunshine Country Embroidery) to look. Bottom line, regardless of where you go, what you choose, keep yourself and your family safe!

How Much Are Our Masks?

Prices below reflect the cost of the materials, the time involved in sewing and the embroidery. The differences in price reflect the design itself and the amount of stitches required to sew the design. However, all masks have an opening in the top so that a filter of some sort to be slipped inside. It’s been suggested to me that paper towels can be used and even, by my sister (a retired RN) who mentioned coffee filter. Our masks vary from $10 to $16, depending on how much embroidery is done or how large the design is.

Embroidered Design Facial Covid19 Flu Masks-Southwest anti flue covid face mask

Bold Southwest Pattern in tans, golds, blacks, this mask has a black cord and interior with openings at each end to slip in a filter. SOUTHWEST MASK 2 avble $10.00 plus First Class Shipping


Eagle American Flag Face mask

American Flag Eagle embroidered on a kelly green mask. Black cord. White interior with side openings for filter. AMERICAN EAGLE FACE MASK 1 avble $14.00 plus  First Class Shipping



Jeep design facial mask

American Jeep embroidered on a kelly green mask. Black cord. White interior with side openings for filter. AMERICAN JEEP  1 avble $15.00 plus FIRST CLASS SHIPPING.


Butterfly Mask


BUTTERFLY FACE MASK SOLD (I will be making more, but in assorted colors)




Tulip Face Mask


EMBROIDERED SWIRL TULIPS on a Sunshine Yellow Fabric, Mask has pockets on both ends to allow for a filter. 1 avble, $15.00 plus FIRST CLASS SHIPPING