Make Your Very Own Lacey DIY Crochet Baby Bonnet Rick Rack Trim

DIY Crocheted RIC RacCan Making a Nice Looking Trim be This Easy?


A quick way to upscale a baby bonnet you give as a gift is to add some crochet trim. This is one of the easiest trims I have every crocheted and it looks uptown on a newborn bonnet. I cannot see any reason why this couldn't be added to a blouse, for instance, around the cuffs or even the collar to make a woman's blouse look classy. I think this DIY crochet rick rack trim is the perfect choice and it's very, very simple to do.



I used a size 10 crochet thread, which makes a nice sized trim. However, I found that using a smaller hook with size 10 crochet thread will make the stitches a bit tighter and the end result more refined. A larger hook will make your crochet work look looser and lacier. Also, a lot depends on how tight you personally crochet. 









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I am a big fan of the new ergonomic style crochet hooks. Maybe because the handles are so colofrul? Give me color in my life any day and I'm a happy camper! These are a really great set, and if you would like to try them, or at least look, visit here. I have all my old hooks and some of my mom's from back in the day when they were all metal. In fact, some of the hooks are so small that you have to dig a bit to find them because they aren't sold as much as larger ones. They are not used as much today because crochet designs are written for larger patterns than can be finished sooner. Such a shame as some of the old designs, while elaborate, were extremely elegant looking…even museum quality at times I think.

Well, back to this little piece of trim ….it's really a lot like a lacy version of rick rack. Using the size 10 crochet thread it makes up fast. 

I live in an area where there are not a lot ot choices of fabric or crochet thread colors. I pick mine up from Amazon because I can get the ones I like. For the purpose of this post, however, i am using Aunt Lydias white number 10 crochet thread. When you get a chance, though, check out the other colors such as the light pink and the mint color which are perfect for babies. I have used the mint and the pink especially for babies bonnets and trim on quilted baby blankets and they are a beautiful pastel color. 

Crochets ready…get started….GO!

step one in crocheting rick rack trim for baby hats

With your crochet hook, make the first chain by lmaking a u in the thread, which acts as a loop, and then tying it into a knot.. Chain two more chains so that you have three including the original loop you tied into a knot.

Making easy crochet rick rack for babies hats

On this first row, you will not chain one for turning as this is the beginning row. Instead, two sc in the first space and then two single crochet in the next space. You now have 4 single crochet in two spaces. Chain one. Turn.

How to crochet a simple baby hat trim

In this photo, I am getting ready to pull the second loop (the one on the left on the hook gets pulled through the one on the right) which will make the first sc. Then two SC in the next sp. This will give you 4 single crochet in 2 spaces and the remaining two spaces will  be empty as you will chain one then turn.

Simple rick rack crochet trim for baby items

Here I am showing that I have just chained one and am ready to make my turn.

Fifth step of making crochet rick rack for baby clothing
After turning, I once again sc twice in the first sp and sc twice in the second leaving the two remaining spaces empty. I chain one and turn again.

Finishing off DIY Crochet Rick Rack Trim
Several repeats will get you something like this…..a lacey looking rick rack, that because of the chain one turn, gives the appearance of a picot on the end. This makes the lovliest trim for baby collars, around bibs, on booties. 

As I mentioned, I don't have the best choices of colored crochet thread here so I have to resort to amazon for at least the pastel colors I like to use specifically for babies. At the bottom of the page is the actual pattern.

Show me what you make with this. I am always excited to see what beautiful things people make and how creative they can be. Yup, I know, you are busy, but if have a few minutes to spare, I'd love to see your creativity!

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1. With crochet hook # 10, chain 3. in the first space, SC twice, in the second space, SC twice.
2. This is the only time you will work with three chain spaces, as from now on, you will work in the first two and leave the second two. Chain one and turn. SC in the first space twice. SC in the second space twice leaving the two remaining stitches. You should have 4 SC spaces. Chain one and turn.
3. SC in the first space twice. SC in the second space twice. You have 4 SC spaces and 2 that will not be crocheted in. Chain one and turn.
4. Repeat to desired length. 

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