Denim Handbags

Denim purses, hand bags and clutches
Kitschy or Classy Denim Purses? Or comfy and informal Denim Handbags? You get to choose.


There is something about Denim that everyone loves.  And Denim Handbags seems to go with everything and fits everywhere. It's versatile, can be both informal and elegant, and yet it can make a statement. These denim purses range from classy or comfy, to informal or utilitarian. As long as denim and purses have been around. we think they fit in with the western culture as well as anything else out there, yet much more affordable.

Most of these dehim bags and purses are also considered slouch bags, sling bags, hobo bags.clutch purses, crossbody purses, or totes. No matter what you call  them, there is a purse for any need, personality or style.


Denim bag with zippered top and leather handle
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What could be called a denim pouch purse, this bag gets a 4.5 star rating. it is 14.9 long x 12.9 " high x 6.3 ' deep; Has a zzippered top and is roomy with additional zippered pockets.
Denim bag, zippered top, zippered outside pocket, embroidered
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.There are two outside zippered pocket on this denim purse and several pockets inside for holding extra items like checkbooks, and makeup Outside is embroidered with butterflies. Not the best lining the price is great.
Denim Clutch Style bag with rhinestones
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Higher end denim is used in this denim purse with comes with a snap closure and some pizzazz! Comes with a few internal pockets for keys, tissues and the like and is approx 14.1 L x 5.1" W x 9" H . 5 star rating.
Denim and leather ladies bag
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Patchwork cutie with bottom and straps made of a synthetic  leather-look. Multiple denim fabrics were used in this purse making it unique. Zippered top and is the Bottom Width:= is 14 in deep: 3 3⁄4 high,: the Strap Length is 11 ".

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Unique denim crossbody purse with a diamond pattern sewn in a 'frayed' look. Long denim and chain strap, zippered interior pockets and clasp closure. 4 star review.
Dark Denim and Rhinestone clutch style purse
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I love this one! nothing says steel inside a sik glove like this denim and rhinestone bag does. No cheap interior lining for this bad girl ….interior zipped pocket, adjustable strap.
Denim floral clutch purse
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Top clasp hand bag also comes with a long strap to wear as a crossbody purse. Denim flower makes a classy impact and pockets inside'; one zippered. 5 star review! Approx.15" L x 5"W  x 11" H 
Cute denim dress purse with pockets
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Kinda small, but really cute! Denim bag has a skirt-like ruffle and an interior pocket.You can easily carry keys, phone, checkbook and a hairbrush. Approx 7.8" Long x 6.7" High.Strap is adustable.
Denim-like pouchbag with flap closure and native american inspired design on the strap
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Denim-like pouch bag with magnetic flap closure and native american inspired design on the strap, Spot Clean only so probably not a good idea to wash.
Small Denim Cross Body Purse
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True blue denim color with 2 outside zippered pocket. Small, but will hold keys, phone, checkbook, tissues etc. Size is 7" high  x 7.9" wide ,Shoulder Strap:23.6" and adjusts.
Denim Top Handle Bag
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Trendy bag with top handles or adustable over the should strap is roomy with dimensions of 9" H x 14 "L x 8"W. Original Denimis worked into the pattern alowing for use of the original pockets. Cool isn't it?
roomy doctor style top handle denim bag
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A bit different than the other Dr.s bag, this one is smaller but does have an adjustable handle and outside usealbe pockets. 8 x 10 x 5.5 inches