Delft Round Ceramic Teapot Five Fingered Tulip Vases, Tea Cups, Tea Pot
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Delft Blue Ceramics Canisters
Decorative Plates
Five (5) Fingered Tulip vases, Standard Vases
Kitchen Ware
(salt shakers, dessert plates, berry colander, creamer sets, jam jars, cutting boards)
Mugs Coffee and Cocoa Mug Cups
Identifying Delftware

  Delft Blue Ceramics, tiles plates, vases….anything that was a true delft blue in the home where I was growing up was considered completely sacred. Beware of breaking any delft dish in our household as our Dutch mom would be sure to make sure to know how upset she was if anything was broken!

The color is what appears to be the most appealing to people, and not only to collectors. The deep rich indigos and cobalt blues against a crisp white fired ceramic background made brush stroke of Dutch artists stand out in stark contrast.

 However, t’s not only collectors that can now enjoy these beautiful pieces that once were prohibitively expensive at today’s more affordable prices today. Collectors that have missed a chance to get their souvenir from a visit to Europe’s beautiful Holland can now get one shipped to their home. Those of you who cant make it over seas or just have a love of the rich hues can also own a piece of Holland’s history with these gorgeous pieces! Or, if you simply have a blue theme going on, there are plenty of pieces that are painted in florals that do not focus on any specific theme pf windmills.

Delft Blue Ceramic Teapots, Standard Teapots, Windmill Teapots

hand painted delft teapot elft Blue Ceramics hand painted delft blue ceramic teapot
Floral delft blue teapot Windmill delft blue teapot
Round windmill teapot Tall Windmill Teapot
floral delft bue cat teapot Actual windmill shaped tea pot in delft blue
Windmill teapot in delft blue Floral windmill Delft blue teapot

Kitchen Ware-Breakfast, (butter dishes, salt shakers,
creamers, jam jars, dessert plates, berry bowl colander)

delft blue jam jar with windmill Floral Delft Blue Cow creamer
floral delft blue cat creamer standing delft blue cow creamer
delft blue jam jar windmill delft blue salt and pepper tray
small delft blue tulip ceramic cutting board large delft blue tulip ceramic cutting board
DELFT BLUE BERRY COLANDER delft blue floral ceramic egg tray
floral delft blue pedestal dessert plate lattice lace delft blue dessert plate
floral lattice ceramic oval dessert plate
Delft Blue Creamer Sugar and plate set
angular delft blue creamer
lighter blue delft blue creamer set
light blue ceramic delf blue creamer set
windmill salt and pepper

Mugs, Coffee Cups, Cocoa Mugs

coffee cup and saucer#1 Floral Coffee Cup and Saucer

cup and saucer delft blue#2 Windmill Coffee Cup and Saucer

windmill coffee cup and saucer#3 Scalloped body Windmill Coffee Cup w/Saucer

Windmill detailed coffee cup and saucer set#4 Holland Coffee Cup and Saucer

windmill cocoa cup#5 Actual Windmill Mug, Med Size    Delft Tile mug#6 Tulips Tile Med Size Mug

windmill and floral mug#7 Beer Stein Windmill, OR Large Cocoa mug!

soft paint strokes windmill cocoa mug#8 Abstract Windmill Mug,Small

boxed delft blue coffee mug#9 Boxed Detail windmill Scene Cocoa Coffee Mug

windmill cocoa mug#10 Embossed Colored Tulips Pedestal Mug

windmill cocoa coffee mug#11 Windmill scene coffee mug

Windmill tilemug#12 Assorted windmill tile cocoa mug

red flowery tulips mug#13 Orange Brush Stroke Tulip Cocoa Mug

redflowery tulips mug#14 Pedestal Orange Brush Stroke Tulip Mug

blue flowery tulips coffee mug#15 Brush Stroked Blue Tulip Coffee Mug

blue flowery tulips coffee mug#16 Brush Stroked Blue Tulip Pedestal Mug

abstract art windmill coffee cocoa mug#18 Abstract Windmill coffee mug

single blue tulip small cocoa mug#19 Single Tulip Embossed Coffee Mug

blue tulip delftblue cocoa mug#20 Abstract Blue Tulips Coffee Mug

tulip tile puzzle coffee mug#21 Puzzle Tulip coffee mug

#22 Red Tulip Clusters Coffee Mug
oma dutch coffee mug#23 Oma Loves Me Coffee Mug

opa dutch coffee mug#24 Opa Loves Me Coffee Mug 

abstract windmill, dark blue rimmed coffee cocoa mug #26 Abstract Windmill Pedestal Mug

windmill abstract pedestal mug#27 ‘Abstract’ Windmill Pedestal Cocoa Mug abstract windmill pedestal mug#28 Delft Blue Floral Collage

One of the more traditional pieces, this circular plate is a must-have for the serious delft collector. Decorated with a classic Dutch windmill design, this charming plate is the perfect addition to your curio cabinet.

Each piece carries the full factory markings, which includes the factory mark, item number, artist’s initials, and the date code, and is delivered with a certificate of authenticity.
items marked with a red ** are the collector plates

Floral plate in delft blue Delft Blue Windmill plate
Windmill high quality plate134.95 4.5 inches Item#092038.03
308.95 33 cm C of A

Identifying Your Delftware

I love Delft Blue Ceramics. Just love it. I know it’s a departure from a Western Store and Western Website, but with a German dad and a Dutch mother, we grew up thinking Delft Blue was sacred! You can’t live with delft blue ceramics in your home and not appreciate it’s beauty.Delft Blue Ceramics in the Rawhide Gifts and Gallery store

     Personally, I don’t think Delft Ceramics is just for the Dutch, or even the Dutchman in you, but because of it’s beautiful blues and the lovely artwork and designs, it’s for anyone that loves richness in color and anyone who appreciates the beautiful. On the other hand, because I grew up with it, I know what a Rusk Canister is for, (and I use it) and I hang Dutch Ceramic tiles on my wall, and make Dutch Oliebollen for Holidays!

     Please note that these are delft blue designs, but not al of the pieces are  hand painted delft blue which is usually pretty expensive. These are a reasonable alternative.s These pieces are replicated from original hand painted delft ware designs.

   Also, I don’t keep a lot of the little souvenir type things. I prefer to keep the nicer pieces. But sometimes some  of them either go out of stock or get discontinued so I try to let our customers know (if they are interested) when they are going to be discontinued.

Sometimes we get asked about identifying delftware but we aren’t experts about it and usually try to steer this question to people who are. But here are some things that might help….Identifying delftware is  a complicated process. You need 1.) a good book to identify marks, and you need 2).a vibrant marketplace to set realistic prices. The book, “Discovering Dutch Delftware” by Dr. Stephen Van Hook has been created in recent years.

 Using the word/name ‘Holland’ has not been exclusive for some time. The Dutch have marked the words Delft and Holland at the bottom of their pieces for quite awhile. Screen printed pieces, the most affordable, and mass produced, have this typed of labeling on the bottom. Hand painted pieces, the more expensive and exclusive pieces, are usually marked with the name of artist and a pottery mark and painted pieces  often have visible brush strokes on them.

The book used to be available to us but we are no longer able to get it. It may be possible to find it on Amazon or other book outlets.  It will provide you the history of the delftware production over the many years and the kinds of processes used as well as cover many illustrations and pictures and the kinds of markings that are used for comparison purposes. If may even help you see the value in some pieces that you currently have 🙂

Marketplaces are different; they are ever changing and you will have to do your homework to find good ones for your pieces.

Read up on your delftware to understand the value of what you have. The marks on the pieces may actually be very misleading because a crown mark isn’t always an indication of royal delft and the words hand painted or made in Holland aren’t always a guarantee that is was. (Although our pieces ARE actually imported from Holland because we deal with a reputable importer). This is because the Netherlands doesn’t have regulating laws about the Country of Origin labeling as other countries do such as the United States does. A Made in China label, to us, means cheap and poorly made, yet these pieces can sit right next to true delftware in Holland with no separation.

If you’re interested in this book, try a goole search or possibly have your library do a search or an inter-library loan.

The History of Delft

     Originally, the term ‘Delft’ derived from the town of Delft itself. The Netherlands started by producing tin-glazed earthenware, and eventually went on the produce other works. This was in the late 15th century though and many potteries sprang up in towns all over Holland in places such as Rotterdam, Haarlem, and Amsterdam.  Because so much of it was being made and it had become so popular, and it had fast become the main source of production in the 17th century, almost 30 companies were working.

  Some of their designs were influenced by Chinese design, but when Chinese design had stopped being imported in the middle of the 17th century, which was blue and white, the Delft potters were left to create their own designs and their creativity extended to a variety of colors such as gold, purple, blue, red, green and black.


   Eventually, when the potters settled in London, with additional influences there, Delft pottery began to flourish and eventually include flowers, ships, landscapes and biblical scenes. You will, today, see many lovely and intricately exquisite pieces of work reflecting just this influence.

    True Dutch delft may often have a gritty texture with a thick glaze and possibly a stippling on the surface caused by air bubbles when fired. Tin glazes may have crackling in it and will appear whiter.

  British delftware will often have a hint of pink or blue and the colors will be a bit muted. The glaze may be a bit glossier and smoother and does not craze as easily.


    …… The tea for one set arrived today. It is absolutely charming! Thanks for
the great service and very quick shipping…….
Julie R, Saudi Arabia
Rocchio <j rocchio AT>

….”Thanks!  My wife bought a teapot very much like this one and used it while we lived in Europe.
A few days ago it met with an unfortunate accident – something akin to H. Dumpty’s experience.
Arriving in time for Christmas this has made for a wonderful gift.
Thanks again for acting so quickly!…                Sheldon F. TX

.”…..Dear Madeleine,
 The Delft set arrived today and it is even more adorable than the online photo.  I simply love it!
 I’ve had a similar one for 26 years, and recently broke the creamer and tray.  I was heartsick and searched everywhere for another set.

 Thank you so much for being there and for the excellent service……”                  Adriane L, MI

“…Dear Rawhide,
My father had a delft blue coffee grinder which broke. I was surprised to see that you shipped to Russia! Many heartfelt thanks. It arrived sooner than expected and in good condition.                     Sergei, Russia
…….”Mug arrived safely (well packed !), in time for my wife’s birthday. It is an exact match !
Good to do business with you.
All the best,” ………..               Keith M., Australia

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