Custom Personalized Womens Sunbonnet

Custom Personalized Womens’ Sun Bonnet

Do you need a custom personalized sun bonnet? I didn’t realize there was a need for these kinds of bonnets until I received very specific requests for them several years ago. One woman, with a rare form of skin cancer, required a bonnet with an unusually large brim. In order to make sure that the brim, which was a good 3 or more inches longer, so that it didn’t flop over her face, I actually had to add ‘stays’ in the brim itself. It turned out perfect for her and help to protect her sensitive skin from the sun. Because it was so large, I dubbed it the ‘Paul Bunyan’ bonnet!

For that reason, I began offering customized bonnets on Rawhide Gifts to those who need that extra bit of protection. Or for those who require a bit of modification here or there. However, though there are no actual patterns for these bonnets, I simply adjust the pattern I have and make the adjustments required by the buyer.

custom bonnet to regular bonnet

Custom bonnet (lengthened brim) compared to Standard Bonnet

What Adjustments or Customizations Can You Make?

The bonnet cap, for instance, can be made larger for longer hair. I had a young lady heading to the subcontinent as a missionary, ask to order one large enough to accommodate her bundled dreadlocks. She assured me her hair was thick! and pinned up it would need a larger cap. I made adjustments in the width and length of the cap. After gathering the top of the cap and sewing to the bonnet brim, she had more than ample room for her hair.

The sun bonnet neck ruffle can be made longer to protect the neck from sun and wind. And the sun bonnet brim can be lengthened a few inches to extend further over the face. You would be surprised at just how much more sun protection you will receive from the extra inches.

custom bonnet with extended brim

Custom bonnet with extended brim

Are These Bonnets Ready Made?

Each bonnet is made to order, therefore there are none in stock. And because each one might be made slightly different, there would be no way to have these on hand. We do keep a nice variety of materials available, however, and will be more than happy to email photos so that you might pick and choose a pattern to your liking.

poppies in orange ladies sun bonnet

Standard bonnet, standard brim.

How Much More Expensive Are These Bonnets Compared to Your Standard Sun Bonnets?

They are comparable in price, actually, and are only $1.00 to $2.00 more. We do our best to make a bonnet, not only practical and serviceable, but one that is pretty as well as affordable. Pretty is good in our opinion and any bonnet you own should show off a bit of class and sass, right?

Let us know if, in anyway, we can help with your special bonnet requirements. We can also personalize a bonnet with monograms. Let us know if this is something you might want added to your custom bonnet. The monogram can be added to the back of the cap or on the side of the brim. Cost of the embroidery depends on the size of the lettering. Give us an email or a text if you have any questions.

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