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Contact Us-Rawhide Gifts  and Gallery without a contact form…….Not everyone likes a contact form. Not every trusts a contact form! So if you have questions, trying emailing or texting us instead. Questions about our Bonnets, Bootjacks, Earrings? Just general questions? Email us here at for your any Questions you may have concerning shipping, ordering, sizes, personalization…anything at all.

We answer as quickly as possible, but if you have not received an answer, please try again or try to reach us by text. Yahoo mail seems to be notorious for have difficulties with sending or receiving email and to change our email address would be a bit of a problem at this point. Thank you for your patience.

Since not everyone likes to use a contact form (I am one of those)….and not all contact forms go where they are supposed to when sent, sometimes we just need to do things the old way. Too often, my own emails wander around in cyber space, some of which are still there today 🙂

Because we live in an information overloaded world, sometimes it feels frustrating and impossible to reach a human. We assure you, as a small mom and pop, you will find us easier to reach that larger companies. Certainly, the easiest and fastest way to reach us is with our cell below. It is preferred to have a text message sent. We know we have a real person on the end and are not being robo dialled. 

You may also call our cell number.However, because of the enormous number of sales calls received each day, it's best to text us.  

307 575 3320

Iif you prefer to send a regular letter, our address is Rawhide Gifts and Gallery, 1002 East P ST, Torrington, Wyoming 82240
You will be able to reach us by any of these methods 

Thank you!