Colored Silicone Bakeware Set

31 Piece Reinforced Colored Silicone Bakeware Set

Colored Silicone BakewareI have no idea who invented the silicone baking pan, but I love the man or woman who came up with the idea. They will have forever earned my undying gratitude and my second first born….should I ever have one. 

Why do I love them so much? Ah…let me count the ways! I love that they do NOT rust over time. I love that they can hold shape and form when baking but are easy to. I love their convenience. I love that they are pretty! 

I now have a variety of silicone items in my kitchen ranging from extra large muffin cups and silicone cooking utensils to baking pans. Some of those baking pans I used for bread, for cakes and even for making granola bars. What's not to love?

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Great Reasons Why Silicone Baking Pans are a Good Choice for Any Kitchen

1. Easy to clean
2. Holds shape
3. Does not rust, corrode or scratch
4. Long lasting, long wearing
5. Comes in a variety of shapes and colors
6. Affordable

Cons of Owning, Using and Baking with Silicone Pans

I would love it if everything in my life that I love or enjoy would have only pros and no cons. Such as chocolate. Every woman shoud be allowed to eat as much chocolate as she likes without worrying about gaining weight or getting cavities. However, along with the pros of chocolate being healthy and tasting fantastic there are a few cons. Like the honest to goodness con of excessive chocolate consumption making your dentist very, very happy. As with these baking pans, I wouldn't be honest if  didn't tell you of a few of the cons. To me, they are not deal breakers. You, however, might find you cannot live with even one problem that silicone pans give. 

If there are any problems at all that I find annoying in a silicone pan, it is that they have a tendency to stain and discolor a bit after usuage. This usually depends on the things that you choose to bake or cook. If you grease your silicone pan as you would a normal pan, there tends to be a greasy residue over time that is a bit hard to clean. I've solved this with a light solution of ammonia and water to dissolve some of this and make it easier to wash off. 

My take on it is simple. These pans is exist to make my life simpler. If I wanted them to be stay looking pretty in my cupboard, then they do me no good at all. I can live with a stain or two!

How to Use and Work with Colored Silicone Bakeware Pans

Using them is a piece of cake….pun intended 🙂  And much like standard pans, they still need to be greased before filling with cake batter or bread dough. When ready to bake, I have noticed that just placing them on the rack is a no no. Yes, I know I should have known better but I was in a hurry. Obviously placing them on a cookie sheet until part of the cake is baked gives the silicone pan support. However, the set I found not only is made of the food grade easy-to-care-for silicone, but is reinforced in places with metal handles. Best of both worlds! 

Darkly colored silicone pans take a bit more time to to thoroughly bake through dough or batter. And its a good idea to keep an eye on the temps of your stove. Each stove, though close, can be calibrated different. Take into consideration your elevation as well as all of the recipe requirements and you should have no serious baking mishaps.Colored Silicone BakewareAmazon Price

The Perfect Baking Pan set

By adding reinforcing in strategic places, this 31 piece set is ideal for the serious baker or cook. There should be no spills, or oops with this set. Besides including traditional pans like a loaf pan, it even has a bundt pan and a donut pan. I love this set!

Betty Crocker, eat your heart out. Baking has never been as much fun as it is with the silicone style we have today. If you love baking, I'm pretty sure your going to love this set .

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