Children’s Sun Bonnets


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girls sunbonnet soft lime green with red ladybugss-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery

1 3 avble Cute!
Light lime green w/red lady bugs

girls sunbonnet -Denim Blue Cotton-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery

2 2 avble Denim colored
material, goes with
everything. NM

girls sunbonnets sunbonnet red with tiny polka dots-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery

3 1 avble.Bright
cheerful red polkadotted
bonnet NM

Girls sunbonnets with flowers, hearts and birds-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
4 4 avble.Pale blue with bold flowers, leaves and birds NM

Girls sunbonnet -Cute white daisies on pink bkgrd-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery

5 1avble.Pastel pink with white daisies. J0-NM

girls sunbonnet -sunshine yellow, tiny white print-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
6 1 avble Sunshine yellow 

girls sunbonnet -Pumpkin orange. Tiny White Print-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
7 2avble.Bright-orange tiny white print. J0-NM  

girls sunbonnet -Sunmaid Raisin Red Bonnet-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
8  1avble.Sunmaid
Raisin Bonnet-red.

girls sunbonnets Yellow bonnet with mulit-colored polka dots-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
9  1 avble Yellow
Polka Dots JO

Girl's sunbonnet med soft blue w/ladybugs and daisies
11  3 avble  soft blue w/ladybugs daisies 


Girl's SunBonnet-bright yellow, tiny red polka dots scattered on bkgrd-Rawhide Gifts and Gallery
12  1 avble bright yellow,  polka dots 

Girl's SunBonnet-scattered tiny hearts over a lighter background-rawhide Gifts and Gallery
13  1 avble Scattered hearts over  white bkg


Girls Sunbonnets of Cotton or Cotton Blends

Our girls sunbonnets are made of eiather cotton or cotton blends have been the best materail choices we’ve found for easy care as well as easy were. In fact, the cotton and cotton blends tend to keep your little girl cooler in the summer and wick away moisture. The colors and patterns also focus on keeping heat away with the lighter colors reflecting more heat than the darker colors. These little girls sunbonnets can also be the answer to reducing sunburn as well as reducing the amount of chemical laden sunscreen used to protect delicate skin.

Choosing the Right Bonnet for Your LIttle Girl

   Generally speaking, there are no real big differences from bonnet to bonnet, but the color choices are actually the main concern. Besides, the color ranges and patterns are actually the most fun in making a choice!  Naturally, it goes without saying that the darker colors will reflect less and therefore hold in more heat. But the darker colored bonnets also tend to look great on girls with a lighter complextion and lighter hair. However, the reverse is also true for the lighter bonnets which tend to look wonderful on a darker complected child with dar.ker hair. For instance, one of our red bonnets with the white polka dots look great on little brunettes.

What About Sizes for a Girls Sunbonnet? Can they be Adjusted?

   Actually, our girls sunbonnets tend to fit a child around 1 year of age to approximately a 6 year old. There are some exceptions to this of course, as some children grow faster than others. For example, a larger one year old will have a reasonably comfortable fit while a smaller one year old will require adjustments which can be accomplished  by tightening or loosening the drawstrings inside the bonnet. Beyond a year old , it is recommended they wear an adult size.  We have found that makig bonnets for every incremental size resulted in bonnets that were only fractionally different in size. Instead, the 1-6 year old size can comfortably be adjusted for more girls. However, we will be adding a section for the range of 7 to adult as head sizes are larger than for the smaller child but growth in head size isn’t enough to require a size for each year to adult.