Cedar Bootjacks

Exclusive Hourglass Shaped Aromatic Hardwood Cedar BootjacksAromatic Cedar Bootjacks By Rawhide Gifts and Gallery

No two hourglass or v-shaped  bootjacks are ever alike. Because of Cedar wood's unique grain, each hardwood cedar boot jack is unique.

If you love the look of cedar wood, it's aromatic scent and it's incomparable beauty, try one of our unique bootjacks.
For Christmas Gifts, Birthdays, Graduations, Father's day…….or any day, gift the perfect gift that lasts a lifetime!

Each one is lovingly handcrafted by first outlining the design and then cutting with a small, thin blade. Routing the outer edges comes next in which the profile of the boot pull is made. Our round-over design was selected over our first original design because it gives a cleaner look, is easier to sand and there are no places to rub boot leather raw.

Once the design is cut and routed, it's time to cut a portion out of the bottom of the bootjack in order to place the rest. This rest is cut at an angle so that the jack rests easily on the floor. This angle makes it simple to just place the toe of one foot on the boot pull to 'anchor' it while placing the heel of the boot from the opposite foot in the 'U'. Tug gently to remove the boot.

Most of us boot wearers will use our spouse or our kids to be our on-the-spot boot pullers, but they will love and appreciate you more, (not to mention saving their back!) when you purchase your own bootjack.

Sturdy. Solid. Dependable, Functional. Beautiful….!

Currently sold out. Making the next set of Cedar Bootjacks to be available
for the Christmas Holiday Season

Unique, beatiful and one of a kind cedar wood bootjacks