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DIY Easy Silver Jewelry Cleaning at Home Pt2

Final Step in cleaning silver jewelry at home

How Do You Clean Jewelry at Home? With this Simple Solution!  Silver Cleaning Jewelry at Home is Easier Than You Think Have you ever wondered if silver jewelry cleaning at home is something you can do? I did my second sterling silver jewelry cleaning today and this post is about how I did it and…

Silver Cleaning

Silver Cleaning

SIlver Cleaning (DIY Part 1 Clean Your Silver and Sterling Silver Jewelry the Easy Way) Silver Cleaning….   Soooo not on my top 10 to do list….Yet don’t you just hate it when your beautiful silver jewelry turns black? And don’t you hate the idea of always making repeat trips to the jeweler for a cleaning?…

Silver and Turquoise Bracelets

Silver and Turquoise Amazing Bracelets

If diamonds are a girls best friend, then what is turquoise? I have never been much of a diamond girl myself and the only diamond I really own is in my wedding ring. But turquoise? Silver? In a western style? I can never get enough. ~~~~~ What is particularly special about these silver and turquoise…

Western Style Belt Buckles

Western Style oval buckle with longer horn and decorative carving

Real Cowboys wear cool western belt buckles! But these beautiful western style buckles really aren’t just for cowboys, but they sure can be for the man in your life.   My husband wears out his leather belts and buckles fairly often. You would be surprised at the wear they can take and how long they…

Silver and Turquoise Southwest Native American Style Cuff Bracelets


Though green is my favorite color, there is something about turquoise and silver that just exclaims, "Class!"  And I wanted to find something in a cuff style bracelet that would go well with the southwest style squash blossom necklace I had already picked out. I did some searching and found many beautiful silver jewelry pieces…

Vintage Native American Necklaces

 choice 5-showy-native-american-beaded-chocker-style-necklacesmm



When my niece got a part in a western history play as an Indian maiden, I wanted to get her a vintage style beaded Indian collar. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, but I certainly wanted the necklace to look nice.


   I liked the kind of necklace that had beaded fringes, but I also wanted it to have variations in color if possible. I wanted some embellishment on it, but didn't want it to look clunky or cheap.


   These 5 pieces are absolutely the best choices that I thought my niece would like.

vintage look-native-indian-beaded-turquoise-necklace

Beaded Turquoise Choker Collar with Silver Feather


Beaded Turquoise Blue Choker



Native American Pink Beaded Collar Necklace


Indian Beaded Sunset Color Necklace



native-american-seedbeads-beadds chocker-necklace.

Native American Seedbeads Choker Native American Necklace.





Native American Silver and Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklaces

GenuineSterling Silver-and-Turquoise-Squash-Blossom-Necklace

Nothing looks as classy and elegant as  Native American turquoise sterling silver squash blossom necklaces The best pieces, in my opinion, are some of the beautiful work done by skilled Native American silversmiths in the southwest on Squash Blossom Necklaces. I wanted a really good quality necklace that I could hand down to my niece…

Native American Silver Dream Catcher Earrings

native american silver dream catcher earrings

   I'm a push-over for authentic looking sterling silver dream catcher necklaces because I've always been a fan of the Native American style jewelry. This design in particular has always been a favorite of mine because of the magical tradition behind it, allowing bad dreams to be caught by the catcher and the good dreams…