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Prayer Shawls in Moody Blues Pattern

Prayer Shawl Pattern using Treble Crochet, Double Crochet, Extended Single Crochet and a Rolled Twisted Single Crochet Pattern uses diagrammed photo illustration to help explain instructions. Pattern includes 24 pages and 23 photos. $4.50 Download link or file will be sent by email. Please white list  

Reusable Anti Flu Decorative Mermaid Dust Pollen Mask

  Since we are going into flu season, I have been looking for reusable dust pollen masks that can double as an anti-flu mask to cut down my chances of becoming ill. This kind of protection is better for me as I don't have to keep buying new ones and they are far sturdier than…

Extra Tall Solar Walkway Lights

As we're going into autumn and soon looking at winter, my goal this year was to get extra tall solar walkway lights that would show above the snow. With a few feet of the 'white stuff', it's often hard to find where our walkway is until it's shoveled. I'm hoping that putting these up along our path…

Sewing Your Zuni Bear Denim Applique Patch

Zuni Bear DIY blue jean denim shirt applique

Sewing Your Zuni Bear Denim Applique to a Garment  Sewing your bear applique to your shirt or jacket really doesn't require anything more than basic sewing skills on the average home sewing machine. A simple straight stitch to outline parts of the bear and a tightly sewn zig zag stitch on the outer edge of the bear…