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Everything Homey…. unique, unusual and one of a kind gifts for home living, special occasions, holidays, anniversary’s and birthdays.

Look to the unusual to change your life, organize your home or just have fun. It’s amazing the ideas that people come up with and design or create. I’m always awed at the things that people invent which happen to be just what I need. Who knows? It may be just the thing YOU need as well and didn’t know it until now.

Everythings Homey might not have all the things you want to see but give me time…I’ll find more. I’m always on the lookout for some strange item that will solve a problem for me or help with one of my new brain storms or projects. You’d be surprised at what is out there. And since I often use creative and even strange descriptions to look for things, it sometimes shocks me at what pulls up on google. But what fun I have looking! Hope you will too :)

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Best Foot Leg Knee Support Scooters

home scooter used around the home for ankle, foot or leg injuries

Scooters or Knee Crutches? No one likes pain. And when I was recently injured this past September, I found that torn muscles and a torn meniscus really hurt. Because I haven't been able to get around very well, I just started looking for the best foot, leg, or knee support devices  for small living areas. We have a…

Clear Glass Infuser Stovetop Teapot

Glass Infuser Teapot

Glass Infusion Teapots or Your Garden Variety Whistling Teapot? Tea Drinking Afficianados Should be Able to have Both, Don't You Think? (This post has an affiliate link allowing you to easily access this item. There is no cost to you.) When I had my brick and mortar store, one of the the items I really,…

Colored Silicone Bakeware Set

silicone bakewre

31 Piece Reinforced Colored Silicone Bakeware Set I have no idea who invented the silicone baking pan, but I love the man or woman who came up with the idea. They will have forever earned my undying gratitude and my second first born….should I ever have one.  Why do I love them so much? Ah…let…

Western Wedding Cake Topper

western wedding cake topper

Rustic Country Style Western Themed Wedding Cake Topper In our home, we still have mementos of our wedding day that carries happy memories of our special day. Me being from Wyoming and my husband from South Dakota, a western themed wedding was a given. Even today, that cake topper is a symbol to my husband and…

USB Rechargeable Pocket Heater Hand Warmer Gift

Best usb re-chargeable pocket hand warmer makes the perfect gift! Years ago at the first trade show I had ever attended, I was fascinated by the pocket warmers they had for sale back then. They had a small metal disc in the center that heated the interior and when placing the entire pack  in hot water, it reheated…

Best Glow in the Dark Year Around Solar Yard Lights

Most of us love Christmas and lighting up our yard with lights, but wouldn't it be nice if you could use glow in the dark solar ones around the entire year? This way, you wouldn't have to put them away, mess with extension cords and enjoy them any time. Now, the sets I found weren't…