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     Bootjacks...what are they? And how do you use them? Bootjacks are merely a great way to remove your boots without having to toe them off or getting help from your kids to the neighborhood dog to remove them. Though westerners kind of like to think they are exclusive to them (us), they really aren't :) You gotta boot? Having a hard time removing them? Then these are for you!

How To Use the Bootjack
Western Hand finished, hand polished bootjack can be removed comfortably when sitting
Western Bootjack, laminated overlay of walnut or oak. Your boots can removed comfortably and easily from a standing position too!
How to remove a boot using a western bootjack
top view of a western boot jack


BootJack Testimonials

..."When I looked around for bootjacks this Christmas, I found several that were higher priced and not as well made. I was delighted with the quality of your bootjack, the speed of your delivery and your customer service.  Many thanks Madeleine! and Merry Christmas..."
                                                                                     Iain Stuart

......."I found you on the net on Google. I live in the U.K and really like the style of your bootjacks. I am really pleased with how fast the bootjack actually got here, considering! I really rather like the quality of it and plan to tell my friends. "....
                                                                             Tony Catchpole, U.K

................"Almost too pretty to use :)" Geri Bonneville, CA

........"Hi Madeleine,
The bootjack came today and it's perfect. Thanks so much for all your help. Michael will be thrilled next week when I give it to him. I can't believe how much help you were through the whole thing!".....
                                                                                               Carole Hiner, KS

...."Got the boot jack and love it ...thanks so much for some quality work done here in the USA, and for your good customer support...."
                                                                                                   Karen, Lorton, VA

"Madeleine...The boot jacks are wonderful!!!!   They arrived today, and my husband wants to keep one for himself, rather than give it away as a door prize.   Go figure! Thanks for all your hard work. Great job"

                                                                                                                                Susan (SASS Club)




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