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Bootjack Personalization Info and FAQ


1. What are your bootjacks made of?
    We use a sturdy native pine. Though this is not a hardwood, pine helps us keep the cost down, but a heavier more expensive wood is not necessary as the bootjack does not take the entire weight of the individual. To remove boots using out bootjack, please refer to this page.

2. How many letters can I get for personalizing the bootjack?
    Three letters for a monogram. We've done more on a bootjack, but since each brand is approximately an 1 1/4" we run out of room quickly. We've found, over time, it's best to stick to a three letter monogram.

3. How do I get the Bootjack personalized?
    When you order by paypal there is an area for customers to add comments. Please add your monogram choices in the box. Or you may call us or email us.

4. What kind of personalization do you do?
    As you can tell from our pic page, we've done many different kinds and styles. Personal brand bootjacks had to be hand  carved and didn't always come out the way we wanted. This is due to the natural grain in the wood. Branding seems to be the best way. If you have your heart set on an unusual brand or kind of personalization though, please email or call us.

5. How long is your bootjack and how wide is the 'U"?
    The width of the bootjack is actually about 4 1/4" to 4 1/2" wide but the interior 'U" is 2 1/2".

6. Why do some of your bootjacks have different shades or blue streaks?
     this is from the native pine we use. We've been told that the pine beetle is responsible for the blue-ish tone some of the wood gets. Destructive, they are destroying trees at an incredible rate, but if the word is true, they make some beautiful wood!

7. How is the personalization done? Can it be done on both styles of bootjacks, the light and the dark?
    We use western style letters, (see this example) which we heat up and then brand the wood with. Thought we've tried branding the dark wood, and it can be done, it doesn't show up very well and the results are usually disappointing. It's best to select a light background bootjack.

8. Can you ship outside the U.S?
    We can. But you will be billed through email (please make sure to add our emails, info@rawhidestuidos.com and rawhidegifts@yahoo.com to your white list in your email program) an additional shipping charge separately to cover the added shipping expense. It will be shipped as a 'gift', to help reduce taxes and duties, but there may be additional fees in your country that we are not aware of.

9. How long does it take to ship or for the shipment to reach me in the U.S?
    We try to ship within 24 to 72 hours. Occasionally there may be delays which we will try to inform you of. After that, because they are sent by priority mail, they usually reach the customer within three days. Christmas time expect some Postal Service delays.

10. How long does it take to ship or for the shipment to reach me if I live outside the U.S?
    We try to ship within 24 to 72 hours. It leaves us by priority mail. Once it leaves U.S shores, the delivery time will depend on the type of service your country offers. Some countries are slower than others. Some of the quickest shipping has been with Canada, Great Britain, and Australia. Check with the service in your area for more information.

11. Do you offer expedited shipping?
     Yes. Though not offered on the website, simply email or call us and we can get shipping quotes from UPS, USPS and FED-EX for you. Please give us your entire shipping address and correct contact information for this quote. Be aware that expedited shipping is expensive!

11. What about insurance?
      None of our packages are insured, though all packages have tracking numbers, offered from all three delivery methods. So, in the event that a package has been lost, you will not be able to recover the item and we do not reimburse for the item. If you wish insurance, please contact us.


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